SINGER Legacy C440 Review (Editor’s Best Choice)

If you are the one who believes the first impression is the last impression, then the Singer Legacy CC440 sewing machine will surely impress you. This sewing machine is a complete package of utility and good look. The sleek modern body will impress you at first glance.

Sewing is the process of combining two or more fabrics using one or more needle and threads to form a cloth. The appropriate notion and angle of the needle and thread create different patterns and style.

Now is the age of technology and we do not waste time by sewing manually. Also, accuracy is not gained by manual sewing. The skill is not really easy until you get the help from a solid and branded sewing machine like Singer Legacy.

SINGER Legacy C440 Review

The Brand:

Singer is a popular and very old brand to offer sewing machines. They have introduced the very early sewing machine and yet they are still now capturing the market with their unique products. They are still reining the market by offering a variety of quality products and services. The computerized sewing machine is its new innovation in the field of sewing machinery.

The C440 sewing machine:

This one comes equipped with unique features that are best used by the sewing professionals. But also beginners who are ready to learn new tactics will enjoy the sewing process in this machine. This is a computerized machine and thus comes with too many inbuilt stitches. Being small and lightweight, it can be easily carried from one place to another and thus is quite handy.

This machine is able to deliver fast result with accuracy. Manual labour is not needed while you are using this machine but the output will be as beautiful as the hand-stitched ones. This automatic machine offers neat and precise sewing. The digital display makes the work effortless and enjoyable.

Features of SINGER Legacy C440

  • The look is definitely stylish. It is modern looking and sleek. The exterior case has a pink flower with a green motif at the back. It makes the machine look soothing and stylish.
  • The needle and needle plate are metal made and so is the frame. The well made and sturdy appearance makes this machine long-lasting.
  • This machine comes with a large LCD touchscreen.  This feature helps the machine to work with easily. If you are familiar with the smartphone, then the functions will be known to you.
  • There are 200 built-in stitches, and you can select them by dial or buttons. The process is much easy and manageable.
  • The touch screen offers visibility of all the stitches options, you can scroll through them and choose the right one easily.
  • Stitch settings, width and length are also optional and you can choose them from the LCD screen as well.
  • The needle threader will help in threading process and that will save you from straining your eyes. The automatic needle threader makes the work quick. The lever is pushed and the thread goes through the lever.
  • The machine comes equipped with a large table which is extendable. This extension helps you to handle large projects made in a long piece of fabric.
  • There is a programmable needle up and down feature that helps you to select the way you want the machine to work. You can also stop the machine when the needle is up or down.
  • Stitching speed can be modified. You can set it fast or slow. For the beginners the slow stitching is useful. When you will become a pro, and wish to finish a project faster, then you can select the high speed for sewing.
  • There is snitched tie-up functionality, along with thread cutting up feature. These features are convenient for the ones who are yet to master everything while doing the sewing.  You can leave your scissors behind while working with this machine. Just bring the loose thread up to the cutter, press the button and move to your next step. Buttons are well labelled for so many versatile features at the front side of the machine.
  • There is 3 bright LED in this machine which helps to lighten the place where you will be sewing.  You will get perfect visibility and will not have to depend upon the light source of the place. You can easily find any issue with the stitch, needle or the bobbin with the help of StayBright LED light.
  • There is a hoard of accessories available with this machine. The general purpose foot, satin, overcasting, blind hem, button sewing, straight sewing, open toe, embroider, parallel swing and zipper foot are varieties that you can avail within the package. Also, the buttonhole foot with underplate is here. The quilting bar, thread spool net, spool pin felt and various kinds of screwdrivers like needle plate and regular screwdriver are also here. The seam ripper, thread spool caps, auxiliary spool pin, bobbins and pack of needles are all present in the accessories set.
  • There is a 25 years warranty from the renowned manufacturer on the sewing machine. The head of the machine and the parts have a warranty for manufacturing defects. If you find any issue within the mentioned period then you will get a replacement for parts, only the labour needs to be paid for. Within one year of purchase if you face any difficulty, then the company will pay for the labour too.


  • LED touchscreen
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Portable
  • Automatic needle threader and cutter
  • Stitch measurement modification
  • Good for different fabrics
  • Hoards of accessories
  • Presser’s feet
  • Removable storage tray
  • Extension table
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple stitch patterns
  • Fast and slow stitching provision
  • Can make various designs
  • Fully automatic


  • Expensive
  • Not for quilting


This Singer Legacy sewing machine is a smart and portable sewing machine. A small package packed with the feature, is what this brand has to offer. The warranty from the manufacturers also provides extra assurance to the users. This is easy to use, easy to carry and offers you versatile functionality.


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