Best 5 Sewing Machines for Beginners Reviews

Are you a beginner who is looking for the best sewing machine? Then you are in the right place. Here I will tell you about the 5 sewing machines that work best for beginners. So, let’s get started.

Best 5 Sewing Machines for Beginners 2019 Reviews

Brother XM2701

  • Brother XM2701 is today’s least expensive and best sewing machine for beginners. It’s a compact and highly lightweight sewing machine, fully equipped to make it the most comfortable learning machine. It was pleasing for 91% of its users and all together we had this figure from 5 major shopping malls.
  • It is 17.8x 7.6x 15.1 inches in size. The bobbin is capable of sewage up to 800 stitches per minute. Brother XM2701 has a total of 27 built-in stitches together with one auto-size buttonhole.
  • This machine has made its name in our best sewing machine for beginners because it delivers too many benefits in less money.  The XM2701 brother is easy to use. Beginners don’t want additional features in their machines because of the frustration that comes with them.
  • This machine is quite effective to complete beginners ‘ basic sewing projects in less time and with very little effort.
  • This machine is made of high-quality material. As a direct result, this machine is much less likely to fail. More importantly, because the machine works elegantly, you do not feel like it needs to be upgraded to the repair shop.
  • This sewing machine has these many automatic features and besides, all the features that should be available to a newcomer’s sewing machine. Surprisingly, this machine is available at a much low price than what is possible to estimate, prices are critical when you go to buy a new sewing machine.
  • Brother 2701’s foot pedal is very sensitive. Whenever the foot pedal is pressed forward or reverse its sewing speed decreases immediately or increases significantly. This will not allow you to work at your desired speed in your initial days. With practice and patience, you can easily overcome this problem after a few days.
  • Although everything was so perfect in Brother XM2701, LED is the only department to complain about. Yes, its LED is pretty dull and you may have to spend a few extra funds to buy an extra LED to overcome this problem.

Brother CS6000i

  • This lightweight, the small machine does an incredible and amazing job. This is a powerful and robust machine. If you want to learn sewing with lighter and heavier textiles, such as leather, then the CS6000I brother is a great choice.
  • However, you certainly don’t need to use extra heavy or multi-layer fabrics on this machine because it’s a basic sewing machine which gives you a bit more than usual.
  • This computerized machine has a total of 60 inserted stitches and has a top speed of 850 stitches per minute. The bobbin system comes with a quick-set, top-drop, which is convenient and includes a 25-year warranty. It also includes a wide selection of accessories.
  • It measures 16x 6.7x 11.4x inches in dimensions. It’s 13.1 lbs weight. The wide table and free arm of this machine are perfect for bigger quilting.
  • This easy-to-use functionality of this CS6000i brother makes it the best for passionate beginners. The guiding manual is hardly necessary because it is so user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • This machine is an excellent teacher and will develop your sewing capabilities in far less time.
  • Brother CS6000i is excellent, with its stitch quality. Even when it’s leather cutting, it doesn’t make a high noise and its stitch constancy doesn’t get affected at all. Brother CS6000i’s perfect stitch quality develops confidence and also motivates you.

Singer 4423

  • Singer 4423 is the best choice for you if you’re a beginner and want a hard-weight sewing machine that is able to handle projects with a wink and easily handle bigger projects or heavy and multi-layered fabrics.
  • The sewing machine is very strong and highly featured. Moreover, Singer 4423 features are very easy to understand and use, making it a decent sewing machine for beginners.
  • In Singer 4432, 23 integrated stitches and one style buttonhole are included. This machine has dimensions of 15.5x 6.2x 12 cm and a weight of 14.5 lbs. Its top speed per minute is about 1100 stitches. It has 3 additional feet. The seams are adjustable in length and width.
  • There are few key features such as three needle positions, adjustable foot presser control, extra-high foot presser lifter, top drop-in bobbin with clear vision cover, automatic reverse sewing features, fully automatic1-stroke buttonholes, etc.
  • The inner structure of the sewing machine, the skeleton, includes a heavy loading and a very tough metal framework, which holds the entire mechanism firmly. Its tough overall structure makes it durable.
  • The Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine you can certainly test when you simultaneously sew five layers of denim. The stitches will be so direct and sound as if a few layers of thin cotton have been sewn. This machine has a reliable and highly durable heavy metal structure.
  • With its top speed limit, Singer 4423 is tremendous. A beginner can complete his projects prior to the estimated time as this heavy-duty model is able to sew up to 1100 points per minute. The heavy and strong engine in the engine is possible. It is possible. It can also easily be adjusted according to the user’s convenience.
  • The maximum speed limit is 1100 stitches a minute, fast enough to be excited. It can take an hour every day, a week to work and its high speed perfectly since it’s also a little difficult to handle correctly.
  • A big issue with this high-speed model is that when you work at the highest speed of this machine it makes a thunderous noise. Now that’s not what beginners like at all. If the beginner works at his high speed over a long time, he may be forced to leave his sewing project.
  • Singer 4423 has a right stitch, but when you do the back stitch it lacks perfection. Honestly, when our experts tested it, the quality of the back stitch of this machine was not satisfactory. We don’t say that this problem will always come but at times you might have a backstitching pucker.

Brother CS5055

  • Brother CS5055PRW is the best Project Runway series, without any doubt. In satisfying sewers of all levels, this particular sewing press has been quite successful. There are so many features in Brother CS5055 that one can hardly require anything else. It was among the highest sewing machines for beginners on the project pathway.
  • It took its place in our #2018 (Top 10) best sewing machine assessments as 92 per cent of its customers were satisfied.
  • The advanced, simple threading system of the needle is a few of its key features: stitch chart, automated needle threader, free arm, etc. At that price level, you can hardly find this lot of rich sewing machines.
  • A total of 87 stitch functions, 50 built-in stitches, and 5 automatic buttonholes, are included in Brother CS5055PRW. The top speed per minute is 850 stitches. This machine features a fast-set drop-in reel system. The sewing machine is most importantly supplied with a limited guarantee of 25 years.
  • The sewing machine is in size 5 x 10.8x 16 inches and can be easily fitted in a smaller area. It is only 10.65 pounds in weight. Even after fitting so many features and functions in a single machine it is quite surprising that the machine makers managed to create this lightweight.
  • This sewing mache can easily be transported every day without problems by the middle school kid. In addition, it is also included in accessories in a bag.

Janome 2212

  • While Janome 2212 is certainly a decent choice for sewers who spent many years sewing in this particular sewing machine, the most significant factor with regard to this sewing machine is the fact that a complete fresher can work too, since this machine has never had any sewing experience. Two built-in stitches and four-step buttonholes are available. It has 860 stitches high speed per minute.
  • This sewing machine supports a bobbin system for front loading. Janome 2212 has a limited guarantee of 25 years.
  • Janome 2212 comes with the two-nail position, reverse stitch function, drop feeder dog, lamp, needle plate, and other important characteristics, which make this sewing machine the easiest to operate on. Janome 2212 is able to handle a wide range of textiles.
  • It sewed knees, blends, ray, silk, and satin with the limits to perfection, taffeta, velvet, cotton, linen, polyesters, wool and tapestry. It’s true that this sewing machine does not have a large workspace, and the versatility of this machine makes it special. You will certainly not be comfortable since it is limited if you want to carry on with larger projects.
  • In this machine, there are certain fabric restrictions. Most importantly, the heavy denim, reptile skin, leather, and other such thicker materials should not be used. A pedal controls the speed of this machine. Averaging multi-layer fabrics. As a result, Janome 2212 starts with a very quick speed, which causes many users trouble.
  • This machine needs to be quickly started and then slowed down. To get used to it, you need some practice.

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