Best Quilting Fabric of 2019

  • Just like in crafting the quilting tools are required, tools and materials are necessary, and you cannot build a good quilt without using the essentials. The part of the materials used is quilting fabrics, and these quilting fabrics are clothes or sheets of cloth which do the layering.
  • By this, we do not mean that we are going to place it inside the quilt. These will be providing the outside layer to the product that is going to be made.
  • And the first thing we need to see is that the look of the product is vibrant. It should be vibrant and sturdy and strong enough so that your quilt could last long. These quilting fabrics are necessary so that we are able to provide a necessary layer to the fabric and the material that is produced is also good and vibrant in looks.
  • Now keeping these points in view are going to see the best quilting fabrics.
Best Quilting Fabric of 2019
  • Selecting the fabrics you’ll be using for your quilt can be one of the most interesting and rewarding parts of the planning procedure. In fact, the art and craft of quilting were first created as a way to create a practical and beautiful craft out of spare and no use fabric, scraps and old clothing that are no longer usable.
  • Today, many quilters will choose to create designs that are based on intention, carefully planning their mass, warmness, colour, and contribution to the larger pattern as they want, rather than depending on scraps at hand.
  • When it comes to creating a new quilting project, many designs and patterns may include tips on what type of fabric, of what weight, will work best to get the product you need.
  • The true step for creating a quality quilt is to use the quality fabrics. Working with cheap, inappropriate, slender, or poorly suited fabric will end up in a quilt that will not stand the test of time, no matter how much work and effort you have put into your project.
  • When choosing, be sure to use your time and choose a fabric that will give you the suitable and a look which is most beautiful, feel and quality for the quilt you are worth and you’ll have quilts that will last very long.

Best Quilting Fabric Reviews

1. Misscrafts Fabric Bundle Squares

Beginning quilters or those are for those who are looking for a quick and easy way for a crafting project. You will love these pre-cut squares form of the Misscrafts. The bold variety of colours, styles, and patterns will allow you to have the option of putting together a truly new quilt design, without having to go through the difficult process of scraping and designing each individual square.

Anyone who loves to plan and control the creation of a newly built quilt will likely not see any use for these squares. But, someone who is open to finding new inspiration and ideas in a new variety of colours and squares will be loving and will be delighted when their Misscrafts fabric bundle will be arriving in the mail.

2. Connecting Threads Precut Bundle Collections

Connecting Threads is having a variety of adorable and beautiful precut bundle squares which are available. These are coordinated, are matching and pre-cut bundles make it very suitable and accessible to complete a quilt or praise your own squares to make your project simpler. There are many options for colours and styles you can choose from.

Even if you are not looking to begin a new quilt immediately, these bundles are a good collection to add bulk to your supplies, and can definitely come in handy when you will be tired of cutting your own pattern squares from the scratch.

3. iNee Quilting Fabric Bundles

If you’re looking for a selection of fabric that will be providing you with a little more to work with, you’ll like the iNee quilting fabric bundles. These are Sized and shipped as in fat quarters, these are themed bundles and are perfect for a quilter who is finding or looking for an easy way to recur a themed pattern, without wanting to purchase too much excessive fabric.

4. Moda Fabrics Scrap Bag Collections

Quilting was originally started as a craft of frugality. People would save old clothes and scraps of fabric so that they could bring together into beautiful, meaningful, and not wasteful quilts. For many new beginners, it could have been frustrating to be told to depend on different fabric scraps for parts of your work.

Moda Fabrics has solved this issue by creating these affordable scrap bags. With a variety of trends, colours, and sizes, this is enough to get even a beginning quilter to have started with an impressive scrap bag. In the bonus, working to use all material in a good way is an environmentally friendly and a humane practice that will help you to develop your interest in scrap-quilting in future.

Quilting Fabric Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

When it comes to quilting, there are a number of things you will learn about fabric. The weight, style, the way it was being made, and how you will work with it, and what you can hope your quilt will look like after all play into a decision on fabric. If you find all of the available fabrics shocking, remember that as you proceed to quilt and build your skills, you will grow to understand fabrics more.

  • Are there a single type of fabric that can be used for quilting?
    The answer is Yes and no. There are a number of fabrics that are specially designed for quilting purpose and for continuing the weight, wear and use that a quilt will usually go through. That said, quilting is like a craft that is made to take benefit of scrap fabric, and talented quilters are able to work with many different types of fabrics into their design.
  • What do you mean by “quilter’s cotton”?
    When you’re shopping for quilting fabric, you would want that you find one that is specially weighted for quilting use. That said, many new brands will be using this term to encourage buyer’s that their fabrics are good than they actually are, so you need to be sure that you shop with an eye to quality.
  • Do we need to change the threads if we want to change the fabric?
    Yes. When you are quilting, you’ll need different types of threads for your patchwork and not when you do binding and seam work. If you’re working with deep, high-weight fabrics, you’ll need a strong thread that is suitable.
  • Which fabrics are tough to quilt with?
    When quilting, heavy cotton is the most suitable fabrics to work with. Working with silk, or similar subtle materials that tend to be dicey and delicate can fray, and be very difficult to work with.

FlicFlac quilting fabric

Flic-Flac’s quilting fabric has 200 pieces which have 4-inch square sheets (10cm by 10cm), which gives you a large number of options to you’re your quilt.

Also, the set has 50 different patterns, which says that you will be having 4 pieces per pattern. There are a number of different designs which are appropriate for quilts, toys and cushion covers, tablecloths, toys, and many more giving you virtually immeasurable possibilities and you are able to create a very different and new product.

 Apart from the plan, the sheets are cut by a machine which gives you a steady size and makes sewing easy as you dot need to alter the size.

On the subject of material, they are made from 100% cotton, and it is high-superiority fibre as it is soft and strong. Cotton is actually densely packed if we compare it to fabrics such as polyester, and this makes it strong and easy to influence and cut without it untying or wrinkling.

If you feel the size is too small for your project, then there are quite a lot of other options, which involve  25- and 50-piece sets of 12 × 12-inch, 8 × 8-inch and 10 × 10-inch sheets. These give you engine cut, cotton pieces of many sizes that are fit for different types of projects.


  • It has a set of 200 sheets which are 4 × 4 inches in size.
  • There are 50 different patterns, and it involves 4 sheets per pattern.
  • Machine cut will give you a consistent size.
  • Made from 100% cotton.
  • Also available in 25- and 50-piece sets of 12 × 12-inch, 8 × 8-inch and 10 × 10-inch sheets.

iNee Pink Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric

iNee’s quilting fabric is the most reasonable quilting fabric in this article and also the summit-rated product and this means that there is something that makes it unique.

For beginners, it has a set consisting of 5 fat quarters, which have 22 by 18-inch cuts and this gives you a lot of fabric at your discarding. The advantage of the big sizes will be that you won’t have to stitch a number of sets of them to form a bulky quilt, even though this will form a single pattern over a large quilt outside.

If we talk about colour, it has a pink theme, with floral designs, stripes, and other patterns, but pink is the dominant colour. So you or your client should love pink to use this set on your quilt.

On material, each fat quarter in the set is produced of a 100% cotton fabric that will make it soft and sturdy and can be worked on without unscrambling or wrinkling.

However, to increase the performance and natural life of this fabric, it is important that you always wash it in cold water. Hot water damages the cotton fibre bonds, causing it to decompose slowly over time and making your fabric weak.


  •  It is quite affordable.
  • Comes in a set of 5 fat quarters (22 × 18-inch cuts).
  • The pink colour theme is quite interesting with floral designs and stripes.
  • Made of 100% cotton material, which is sturdy, soft and strong.
  • Needs to be washed using cold water if you want it to last long.

iNee Green Floral Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric

This is also a product from iNee, and it has the same good quality that matches the summit-rated pink-themed quilting fabric which is set above.

Though, this one has a green floral design and also has the design of a sunflower, spring flower, pink and green designs, which gives you a wide variety of options from which you can choose.

The set is also somewhat more expensive than the pink one above but this is only due to the reason that it consists of 6 fat quarters, each measuring 18 × 22 inches in size. This big size reduces the work of stitching numerous small pieces as in other sets, especially if you want to create a big quilt such as in tablecloths or duvets.

On the subject of fabric, these fat quarters are all made of 100% cotton fibres, making them feel soft to touch, and also so tough enough to withstand the rough handling.

The one important thing that you need to ensure is to wash the fabric or the final product that you create in cold water. This will make sure that the cotton fibres remain intact for more time and durability.


  • It comes in a green floral design but is also obtainable in sunflower, spring flower, pink and green designs.
  • Consists of a number of 6 fat quarters in the set, each 18 × 22 inches in size.
  • Made of 100% cotton material, which makes it soft and tough.
  • Coldwater washing is necessary.

RayLineDo Fabric Fat Quarter Quilting Fabric

If you love colour mixing and dense floral designs, then this RayLineDo’s quilting fabric would be the best option to consider.

The set of quilt contains 10 fat quarter pieces, with a merge of 2 colour maps in either blue and purple,  paisley and green, pink and green, purple or navy, red and blue, yellow and check, yellow and paisley and yellow and pink colours. This will give a wide range of multi-tinted options to choose from for making your colourful project.

These pieces are cut by machine, and this states that they are clean and tidy around the edges and also are all the same size, which makes stitching easy.

assembly wise, the quilting fabric is made of 100% cotton poplin, which is 100% cotton and has a thread count of the 40s per square inch and compactness of 133 × 72.

The width of this poplin is about 150% of other types of cotton fabrics, and it helps it to be stronger and capable to withstand a lot of stress without contravention. Though it is not thick enough to make it firm for quilting and thus, it won’t be inconveniencing to use.


  •  It has a Very multi-coloured set.
  • Contains of 10 fat quarters (18 × 22 inches).
  • Available in a multiplicity of 2-color map options, giving you a large range to choose from.
  • Clean and neat machine cut pieces that are ready and easy to stitch.
  • Made of 100% cotton poplin with a count of 40s and a density of 133 × 72.

iNee Bright Solid Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric

iNee’s brilliant solid colour quilting fabric is the most high-priced product in this review, but this is because it has a set of 17 fat quarters, each 18 × 22 inches in size. This gives you quite a great amount of fabric at your disposal to employ on your project.

Though these pieces are available in solid colours and therefore it is only recommended for the projects that require single tinted fabrics for the quilts. The good thing with this is that there is the option of getting brilliant solid colours or plunge solids for the same price.

Despite the colour, each fat quarter size of the fabric is made purely of cotton material, and this means that the fabrics are physically powerful enough to endure heavy abuse but still soft to touch.

Nevertheless, to maintain this consistency in potency and softness, you need to wash the fabric in cold water only. Hot water will destroy the bonds between the cotton fibres, causing the fabric to demean slowly over time.


  • Comes in a set of 17 fat quarters (18 × 22 inches in size), each having a dissimilar colour.
  • Has a solid colour basic theme.
  • Available in brilliant solid or fall solid colours.
  • Made of pure cotton.
  • Requires to be washed in cold water only.

Things you need to Consider Before Buying Best Quilting Fabric

There are a number of important things that you need to be considered before buying any quilting fabric set. These are:


Size is a big topic that you need to consider, with the most universal size being the fat sector, which measures 18 × 22 inches in amount.

It indicates that you get large-sized pieces for needlecraft on your quilt and this will reduce the task of sewing because your work is to only attach this fabric by using a few stitches to the primary layers.

Though, this means that you have a single colour or design over a large surface and thus, if you are ok with mixing things up, this won’t suit you.

For you, the following might work. That is the quilting fabric that comes as a set of smaller sheets, with dimensions on 4, 8, 10- or 12-inch square sides.

This will give you a harder time when needle crafting but the product will be full of different colours and patterns, and this will also help you to explore your imagination as you assemble the pieces.


Most quilting fabrics are available in a set of more than one sheet and the additional the number, the superior it is because you will get more amount of cloth to work with.

In addition, since each sheet has a different colour or pattern, the more they are, the more are the number of colours or patterns that you will get in the set.

Colours/ Patterns

Even though the greater the number of sheets per set, the more will be the colours, most sets are usually having a theme in a particular colour.

For example, you might be having a green or pink theme of the set, and this means that the sheets in the set will be having floral designs or stripes, but green and pink will be dominating.

Therefore, depending on the type of requirements of your project, you will be getting a colour theme that will match the rest of the quilt or the one that will be suiting your preferences.


A fabric’s construction is very important and a big thing you need to consider in quilting and other types of sewing projects.

In this case, the most frequently used fabric will be cotton, and this is due to the reason that it is strong enough and can hold itself together even when exposed to rough behaviour and soft enough to touch. This will make it one of the best options.

Other variations of cotton-like the cotton poplin are also very common, but this one is more dense and thicker for making quilts that will be needing a tougher skin.

Machine cut or not

Machine cut pieces simply dish up to make the stitching work more easy. This is because the sheets are of the same size and have very neat and clean edges. This shows that you don’t need to make any adjustments to the size of the fabric because there is a very little margin of fault on the sheet’s dimensions.

Pieces that are not cut by the machine will be cheaper, and they might have uneven edges too and a bigger scope of an error on the extent of the sheets. This will require some small cuts and trimmings too so that you can align the pieces of the quilt.


Last but most important, the price is also important reason to consider. In most of the cases, the more the sheets of fabric per set and the well-built, they are the more costly ones. With this in view, if you are on a low budget, you can buy the smallest set. However, make sure that you do not need conciliation with the quality.


From the reviews we have discussed above, most of the quilting fabrics have some interesting features that will differentiate between these types. Without this knowledge, it might be a little bit complicated to select the best quilting fabric.

However, after seeing this article above, you will be at a better position to select the most appropriate quilting fabric for your quilting needs. 


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