Brother 1034D Serger Review

A serger or an overlock machine is a necessity for the homemakers, nothing to say about the professional seamstress. This machine is mandatory as a household item as well as in the sewing kit of a tailor shop. This machine gives the finished and refined look to the readymade dresses which otherwise looks so common and regular. The professional touch that is lent by the serger makes it a dependable item for everyone. You can completely create a new design and wear it with pride or buy a dress from any shop and then add some nuance to make it customised. This way you will be able to create your own identity and your fashion sense will develop.

Brother 1034D Serger Review

This is also important when you will find with time your favourite dresses are worn out and specifically, the edges are frayed and some stitches came undone. Just use your serger and get the chic look back again. The stitches of serger are usually long-lasting for sure.

For the beginners:

There is always a first time they say, and so is true in case of a serger. In case you have never used a serger and are thinking of getting one, there are many things that will intrigue you. There are different functionalities and there are different finishing styles which are may not be still aware of. The basic feature of a serger, however, remains the same. So here we are going to try to break the ice for you, and inform you a little about matters that should be kept in mind before using a serger for the first time.

When you are buying a serger, you must keep in mind these parameters:

Easy to use:

When you are beginning your journey with a serger, it should be easy to use. There are many sergers available on the market but the one that will suit you best is something that works simply. For a beginner, you must work on dummies, and thus you just need something that you can operate on dummies without any hassle. Maybe later when you will manage the simple techniques, you can opt for a more complicated seger to get more efficient works.


You are beginning with your sewing experience and so there is no need to buy something very fancy or elaborate. Remember you are not efficient enough to handle more complicated serging. So there is no need to buy an expensive machine as you may not be able to use it efficiently. So you must know how to strike a balance between the price of the product and the utility.


There are numerous fabrics and the serging takes different forms on different fabrics. There are different styles which work better on some particular fabrics. But for a beginner, it is hard to gauge how much efficiently she will work out those styles. So you need a serger that can help you with differential fabric feed. That serger can help you to learn easily how to create a stylish edge of individual fabrics.


No one can deny that some extra freebies bring an extra-wide smile to our faces. So when you are searching for a serger check the ones which supply extra accessories with the package. It helps you to save your money as well as energy for not buying a new set. Also, these extra accessories will help you to try new fashion and style on your dresses. This will be a fun time with your brand new serger.

Review of Brother 1034D Thread Serger:

This is a reliable serger with the high-performance level. You can deliver expert quality edge finishing on different fabrics with this one. It smoothly works on knits as well as linens and you can style your regular formal wear with this ¾ thread serger. It will help you to create perfect ruffle or gather and the product will be outstanding.


  • This one comes with 22 stitch options. You can style your dresses with those stitches and you will know how perfect it looks with the stitches at right place.
  • The stitch options are versatile and you can work on them. Use your creativity and put a different style on the different materials to see the outcome.
  • The stitch width is adjustable and you can customize it. Thus you can create your own pattern by increasing or decreasing the width of the stitches.
  • The threading with this serger is an easy process and you will take maximum one day to learn and master the process.
  • You can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute with this serger, which shows how efficiently it works. Of course, the speed may differ for individuals.

Overall review:

With this serger, you can join laces, which is a minute task and needs precision. This one will help you to sew narrow sleeves on the tops. Also, you can sew those tiny teeny straps of your spaghetti with this serger. This one comes with built-in 22 stitch functions as we have mentioned earlier.  These stitches can help you with the most outstanding bridal wear and home decoration items. You can create your own wardrobe fashion as well as gift something stylish to your near and dear ones.

Also, some crafts need stitching and this serger will come handy for those options too. The thin fabrics and the knits, even the stretchy ones can be managed with this item. The stitch options come with 4 thread overlock and 3 thread overlock. Along with that it has narrow hem and rolled hem stitches with ribbon lock stitches. So many varieties offer you a chance to be creative with stitching.


  • The stitch width can be adjusted from 5mm to 7mm and that is done by the left needle. It is a perfect way to provide perfect stitch width to your design. This is a versatile feature which makes you more efficient with the stitching. You can thread the overlocker. There is a lower looper system that makes the thread to stay at the right place.
  • The arm of this machine is removable. If you remove the arm of the machine it will be easy for you to sew the sleeves, the cuffs, the collars and other certain parts which are inaccessible with arm of the machine attached. This is a beneficial feature, especially for the beginners who are yet to manage the serger with efficiency.
  • Its differential fabric feed is a great feature as it enables stitching on any kind of fabric with equal ease. You can sew knitted, stretchy or thin fabrics without worrying too much. It will be done in a smooth way and you will be amazed by the output. This is a great relief for the beginners as it needs lots of patience and skill to stitch different fabrics.
  • Another plus point of this serger is it does not need any special needle. The standard home sewing machine needles will do for it. So you do not have to buy the needles separately or pay the extra price for some specialized needles. The serger is a super-fast one and works at a high speed. You can expect 1300 stitches per minute with this serger once you are at ease with this machine.
  • There is a foot controller which works smartly. This one effectively functions and it is pretty simple to learn. You can easily understand the functions and within a few minutes, you will be able to use it proficiently. The manual included in the package contains a video tutorial which will discreetly describe the process of using it. The printed pamphlet in the package is also there to help you out if you are facing any problem while using it.


This serger is a great deal with this price. The small package comes with too many surprises and you will never be happier while buying a serger than this. It contains freebies like tweezers, four spool nets, and a needle set (which can be replaced when broken with your home sewing machine regular needles).  There is a cleaning brush included which will help you clean the serger carefully and minutely as this is a precise machine. The trip trap is also there in the package which will help you to trim the thread after sewing is done.

All the accessories are useful and you do not have to worry to buy anything separately. It is a pretty quick serger and with its help, you will be able to do your stitching fast. The serger is quick and efficient. It comes with a tremendous 25 years of warranty. This is so simple to use that you can follow the manual and do the learning on your own. This machine is pretty affordable and for a beginner, nothing is better than this.


However this one has a few problems. The users complain that this serger does not work very smoothly on thicker or stiffer fabrics, which means if you are planning to make a tote out of your old worn-out denim with this serger, you may not find the hob to be very easy. This serger is not to be used in the countries where 120V AC power flow is not supported. The machine needs to be oiled before you use it for the first time so you have to take extra care on this ground and oil it beforehand.


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