Brother CS6000i Vs SINGER 7258: Which one Should You Buy

This article is about the Brother Cs6000I versus Singer 7258 sewing machine. Truly, some of you probably won’t have the option to settle on which one to go for. So this post will give all of you their highlights in one next to the other for you to see.

That will positively spare you a lot of time from finding everything independent from anyone else. In the event that you are on a PDA, it is ideal to see it on a scene mode rather than a picture. At the point when you are on representation mode the tables won’t give them one next to the other yet scene will.

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Brother CS6000i Vs SINGER 7258

In the event that you utilize a finger to tap on those fields, at that point it will clarify what those fields are for and obviously in the event that you are on a work area or PC you can do as such by utilizing the mouse to point at it. For instance, on the off chance that you tap or point the mouse on 60 and 100 on the field, it will eveal to you that implies the quantity of implicit stitch for the sewing machine.

Brother CS6000i Vs SINGER 7258

Brother Cs60000i

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich sewing machine is one of the most prominent sewing machine models from Brother brand that has numerous incredible highlights useful for all novice, intermediate as well as professional sewists.

Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Size Buttonholes, Wide Table, Hard Cover, LCD Display and Auto Needle Threader, Beige/Blue

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This versatile and lightweight sewing machine is very easy moving and has a separable curiously large table to deal with bigger undertaking effortlessly, for example, a quilt. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine .

Its 60 implicit stitch are the eye-getting highlight that let you brighten your making venture with various stitch styles and examples. At this cost (Brother CS6000i is estimated at), we don’t perceive some other sewing machine offering 60 implicit stitch


  • 60 worked in stitch.
  • 7 styles of a 1-advance programmed buttonhole.
  • Hard Cover
  • Enormous size separable table for taking care of greater ventures.
  • Programmed Needle Threader.
  • Simple bobbin twisting for amateur sewists.
  • Jam safe top drop-in bobbins.
  • Change stitch length and select stitch design with unmistakable settings on an LCD monitor.
  • Sewing speed controller for fledgeling sewists.
  • 7mm more extensive improving and crisscross stitch styles.
  • The work region is lit up with LED light. It is useful when the machine is set in diminish light or the crease is coordinating with texture.
  • Worked in the free arm for making sleeves, neck stitch and sleeves.
  • Useful for sewing just as knitting.

Pros and Cons of Brother cs6000i


  • An exceptionally moderate and low-maintenance machine.
  • Simple to utilize automated controls and show.
  • Light and versatile unit perfect for sewing just as quilting.
  • One-step programmed buttonhole; seven buttonhole styles
  • 60 built-in stitches with movable stitch length.
  • Reliable stitches
  • Amazing sewing speed with a limit of 850 stitches for every minute.
  • Quiet activity
  • Simple sewing with twin needles to make flawless hemstitches.
  • Lit up working area because of LED lights.
  • Wide table included for simple stitching.
  • Included are nine presser feet.
  • Accompanies a lot of features.
  • A point by point thorough manual is incorporated.


  • Narrow throat configuration can confine free movement.
  • Stringing the bobbin may demonstrate testing.
  • The foot pedal is excessively delicate and needs cautious dealing with.
  • Programmed weaving capacities are absent.
  • Inadmissible for thick materials like cowhide.
  • String pressure should be set utilizing a manual dialer.

Singer 7258

Singer is one of the most established sewing machine creator having headquarter in La Vergne, Tennessee, United States. The organization was begun in 1851 and today it has become the business brand. There are a few extraordinary sewing machine models of SINGER organization focusing on amateur, intermediate just as master sewists. Singer 7258 Sewing Machine .

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine with 600-Stitches Electronic Auto Pilot Mode, Extension Table and Bonus Accessories, Perfect for Customizing Projects

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On the off chance that we especially talk about SINGER 7258 Stylist electronic sewing machine, it outcompetes other sewing machines under this value go. It accompanies 100 built-in stitches designs that other tantamount sewing machines don’t offers.

Singer 7258 is a perfect decision for the novice sewists just as intermediates since it has each one of those highlights that would be required by them.


  • 130 worked in fastens examples to looked over – 76 Decorative, 9 Basic, 8 Stretch and 7 Fully Automatic Buttonholes.
  • 8 Styles 1-advance programmed buttonhole.
  • Programmed Needle Threader.
  • Select stitch with a delicate push of a button
  • Programmed pressure, stitch length and width change.
  • Programmed bobbin winder button.
  • Programmable needle up/down.
  • Bright LED light to enlighten work zone brilliantly.
  • Simple stacking top drop-in bobbin.
  • Basic bobbin spreads to keep watch on string supply.
  • LCD Screen presentations select stitch and Length and Width.
  • Worked in the free arm for simple sewing of sleeves, trims, collars, and sleeves.
  • Speed control button to set the most extreme speed – Good for novices.

Pros and Cons of Singer 7258


  • Body built for unwavering quality and sturdiness.
  • Awesome convenience
  • Start/stop button
  • Programmed needle-threader
  • Programmed tension
  • Worked in string shaper
  • Speed control and electronic autopilot.
  • Top-stacking jam-evidence bobbin framework
  • Modernized LCD screen
  • Smooth, even and delightful stitch.
  • Considerably tranquil activity.
  • Various highlights and extras encourage simple graduation from learner to middle condition of aptitude.


  • Pressure foot weight is programmed however does not have the physically customizable component.
  • Greatest stitch width is 6 mm against most machines which offer a 7 mm width.
  • Sewing rate is slow in contrast with different other comparable models accessible in the market.

Similarities between Singer 7258 and Brother Cs6000i

As clear, Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i have a lot of likenesses among themselves. Some important similitudes among them are:

  • The two machines are mechanized and programmed that gives an additional edge of certainty to any learner.
  • Both have LCD monitor where you can peruse the stitch example chose just as screen them.
  • Both offers programmed needle threader to make the lumbering work, very simple.
  • Both have simple to utilize top drop-in bobbin framework with a basic spread for simple string observing.
  • Both have movable sewing velocity controls, the programmable needle just as reverse stitch benefits.
  • It is very simple to sew sleeves, collars, fix, and so forth in the two machines in light of their free arm fixtures.
  • Both have space inside the free arm to store every fundamental adornment furnished with the machine.
  • There is a peripheral contrast between the estimating of two machines. The thing that matters is ostensible enough to be disregarded.

Differences between Singer 7258 and Brother Cs6000i

While both sewing machines appreciate a lot of similitudes; they give some key contrasts which end up being the conclusive factor. Barely any vital contrasts are:

  • While the two machines are lightweight and compact; The CS6000i is increasingly versatile with only 13 pounds of weight and measurements of 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 creeps against the Singer model which gauges 19 pounds and has the elements of 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches. It is apparent that the Brother sewing machine is progressively lightweight and conservative.
  • The Singer model accompanies a delicate spread as protection while the brother model has a hard spread for assurance.
  • The Brother CS6000i has just 60 built-in stitches while the Singer 7258 brags of 100 built-in stitches. Be that as it may, a learner once in a while requires the utilization of countless built-in stitches.
  • The Brother sewing machine has a higher number of sewing and useful everyday stitches while the Singer model has a wide cluster of decorative stitches. Along these, the Brother CS6000i is implied carefully for home use yet the Singer machine can be utilized by novice and experts also.
  • Brother CS6000i offers a more extensive stitch size than the Singer 7258. The previous offer the greatest stitch width of 7mm while the last offers a most extreme stitch width of 6mm. This may look trifling yet it makes a colossal contrast when sewing things.
  • The sewing rate of the Brother CS6000i is better at 850 stitches for each moment. The Singer 7258 loses here by a decent edge with a lower stitch rate at 750 stitches for each moment. This distinction settles on a gigantic effect on the choice about which machine to decide on.
  • The Brother machine has a separable enormous wide table for better blanket making which is missing is the Singer machine.
  • The adaptability of the enriching stitch is far higher in the Singer machine against better sewing flexibility in the Brother machine.

Tabular comparison


Features Brother CS6000i SINGER 7258  
Machine type ComputerizedComputerized
Needle Threader AutomaticAutomatic
Bobbin Type Top drop-in Top drop-in
Speed Controller Yes Yes
Buttonhole Style 7 Styles
1-Step automatic
7 Styles
1-Step automatic
Free Arm Yes Yes
Start/Stop button Yes Yes
Adjustable stitches Length
and width  
Yes Yes
Programmable needle
Yes Yes
Built-in Free arm Yes Yes
Feed Dog 6 6
Warranty 25 years 25 years


Features Brother CS6000i SINGER 7258  
Built-In Stitches 60 100
Weight 13 Pound 15 Pound
Dimensions 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches
Stitches Speed 850 SPM 750 SPM
Stitches width 7mm 6mm
Work Area LED-Lit LED-Lit

Which one is to consider?

You have to perceive what reason you need a sewing machine for and what all highlights you would require.

Singer 7258 sewing machine accompanies 100 built-in stitch highlights however in the event that you don’t utilize every one of them, there is no point offered inclination to it over Brother CS6000i thus. Be that as it may, the individuals who might be doing loads of adorning stuff, SINGER 7258 is a perfect decision.

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Brother CS6000i is a minimized, less expensive and have 60 built-in stitch. It is a decent sewing machine for home sewing and in any event, for the middle of the road sewists. The separable larger than usual table is useful for taking care of greater measured ventures.

You have to choose which sewing machine suits your financial limit and which one has each one of those highlights that you are going to utilize regularly. Our correlation table would help think about both the sewing machine one next to the other which records every one of the likenesses and contrasts of the sewing machines.


Both the sewing machine is similarly great in its own and it is all out users decision what all highlights they need in their sewing machine. While both the sewing machines have loads of similitudes, for example, Automatic needle threader, Easy stringing framework, Free arm and so on., the outstanding contrasts being worked in stitch, measurements, stitchs width, and sewing speed. Make a rundown of highlights you need and get one that best fit in your prerequisites including budgeting limit.


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