Brother PE770 Review – Most Creative Embroidery Machine Today

Embroidery is a great time pass as it nurtures the aesthetic side of your mind, as well as the outcome, makes others happy. Needle embroidery is a thing of past now as the machines are doing the job very well. But the machines mostly available in the market offer both sewing options as well as embroidery.

Those machines are a little bit difficult to work with as you will find that both the functions are done in the machine, and you can get confused on how to do the sewing and how to do the embroidery with the same machine. Also if you have a fascination for embroidery then you should go for a separate machine that works dedicatedly to do the embroidery.

Brother PE770 Review

 For this purpose, you can check the option Brother PE770, which is a great embroidery machine within a moderate price limit with superb functionality. This machine not only does the embroidery but also it offers improvement to your aesthetic sense and your creativity will find a new horizon with this machine. You can put your imagination on fabric with the help of this embroidery machine.


Before buying an embroidery machine you much check a few points as there are certain features that make a machine trustworthy. Some of these features are common for all the embroidery machines available and others are unique, so you need to you know which ones are a must for the machine that you are going to buy.

The Brother PE770 is an ultimate embroidery machine which works superbly for anyone. This one has certain features which are pretty useful and unique. This machine can provide you with the ultimate embroidery experience and the output will be extraordinarily decorated and well finished. The interesting and common features of this special embroidery machine are listed below.

  • This machine has an embroidery hoop which is 5×7 inch of dimension.
  • This quick set ribbon offers fast working.
  • 136 embroidery designs are included with 6 lettering forms to ignite your innovative mind.
  • The backlit LCD screen lets you work with fun.
  • The design editing includes mirror image, rotate and design size adjustment to offer a variety of patterns and the design preview helps you to check the output before it is done in real form.
  • The machine has built-in memory which helps you to import signs from the USB drive.
  • There is easy threading system to make your work easy.
  • There is an auto thread cutter which is super helpful while your stitches are done.
  • The machine works with a speed of 650 stitches per minute which makes your job faster.
  • The machine weighs 8lbs.

Why it is so special

This machine can offer you a lot more than just basic embroidery. You can expect a creative look for the output of this machine. Your regular embroidery job will be magic with the help of this embroidery machine. The thread cutter helps you to finish the job with efficiency and neatness. The stitches are done efficiently and faster than other machines so you can get free time after the embroidery job will be done. Proficiency helps you to get the job quickly without consuming much time.

Now we will probe into the special features for which the machine has earned a great reputation. Also you can check the list of these reasons which can help you to decide why you need to buy this machine for your embroidery work.

Easy to use:

This embroidery machine is easy to use. This is the only machine that is so user-friendly and yet contains all the required features. The functionality of this machine is unmatched and you can expect the best level of embroidery from this machine. So you do not have to compromise with the quality of output if you are looking for a machine that works simply. You can finish your embroidery job without any hassle with this machine.

There is a manual included in the package which helps you to understand the simple working process of this embroidery machine. The features and the handling process of this machine are thoroughly described in this guide. The automatic needle threader works beautifully and it gives you no pain in producing beautiful designs on the fabric.

Area of embroidery:

This Brother PE770 has great efficiency in working on large embroidery area, and it can be as wide as 5×7 inches of size. This capacity cannot be expected from other embroidery machines in general. So you must come to Brother PE770 embroidery machine to get this much wide access to embroidery and thus you can create big designs on the fabric with ease. This large area gives you accessibility to work on bigger monograms and thus you can work on jacket beads as well. 

There are 184 sewing stitches with different variations and styles. Styles like drawnwork can be done with this machine. It also makes the embroidery easy for the beginners and its built-in 136 designs for embroidery purpose helps with creating intrinsic patterns on the favourite piece of fabric. There are also 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles available in this machine so you can let your dream come true with so many designing options.

Easy threading:

You must make sure that the threading of your embroidery machine is done easily as this is a bit tricky process and may take longer for the beginners. So if you choose Brother PE770 then you will be able to avail the printed numbered chart on the machine which will guide you to grip the process. In comparison with other embroidery machines, this one offers you easy threading and the automatic needle threader helps you to get the thread into the needle easily. There are 11 sewing feet including overcasting, zipper, blind stitch etc.

Touch screen display with backlit LCD:

This embroidery machine comes with a backlit LCD touch screen display and this is 1.4” x 2.7” wide. It gives you a comfortable way of threading. This one keeps you navigating through the features that this machine has and also offers your embroidery machine look gorgeous and updated.

Design Editing:

You can gain maximum benefits from this PE770 embroidery machine as it brings to you the several designs and editing options like rotating, mirror image and image size modification.  This offers you the facility of viewing the preview before it is done, so you can get an idea of how it will look finally and thus edit it according to your choice.

Built-in memory:

This machine comes with built-in memory which makes it super functional. You can import the image of your choice to create a pattern as this machine can copy the image from the USB. There are also some designs on offer at so you can go there and buy any design of your choice. Not only has that it also updated your machine after a regular interval.

iBroidery compatible:

If you are not able to come up with some beautiful yet unique designs to decorate your dresses and fabrics, then you can take help from This machine is compatible with this site and you can buy new designs from this site to get it done on your dresses or house linens. The design that you will choose will automatically be done through Brother PE770 machine.


This Brother PE770 embroidery machine is not only unique in its features and efficiency. It also comes with an affordable price. This is a great deal for you if you are planning to buy a new embroidery machine, to begin with, your designing career.

Pros and cons:

Like every gadget, there are a few pros as well as a few cons of the Brother PE770 embroidery machine. So you must be aware of all the pros and cons before you actually buy the machine.


  • This one helps you doing embroider stitches with ease and you can comfortably start with the stitches as it is pretty simple to operate. The quality of the stitches is amazing and you can feel the output quality to be outstanding.
  • The small learning curves are there which you can easily set up and thus you will be able to use it in no time. The best part is that you will not have to spend much time going through the manual.
  • There are variable speed control options so you can choose the right option of the stitch which will be suitable for you. This feature is greatly beneficial as for the beginners it is quite difficult to manage the high speed of stitching. So they can moderately adjust the speed.
  • The work area will be brightly lit with the LCD so it will be easy to work on minute details of stitching.
  • There are 25 years of warranty on this item, and you will be worry-free if any parts or the machine itself starts malfunctioning.
  • The power cord and dust covers are included in the package so you do not have to worry about using an extension or covering the machine to protect it from dust.


  • The instruction manual that comes with this machine does not explain very clearly how you will hoop something apart from the flat piece of fabric, which is a necessary part of embroidery stitching.
  • The screen of the model is black and white and there are few editing options. This is a bit of drab in look. There is no option to change the font as well.
  • The bobbing sometimes may cause a problem.


This Brother PE770 embroidery machine is a great buy if you combine the features and functionalities with its modest price. This machine looks classy as well as it is an all-in-one machine. The durability according to the user is pretty high. This is a great buy for the beginners as the embroidery is easy with it and if you can use iBroidery designs then it will be even easier. You can trust this machine for its creativity and smooth working ability.


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