Brother SE400 Review

Do you want to buy a perfect machine for professional embroidery, Quilting and sewing work with the name of a big brand? if yes? then this article is dedicated to you. I have found a perfect computerised automatic machine which is best for embroidery, quilting and other sewing projects.

If you are a sewing enthusiast or you love sewing and embroidery? This computerised sewing machine is for you. The machine about which I am talking is Brother SE400 computerised machine. I will discuss all its utility and also cover everything in this automatic sewing machine.

Brother SE400 Review

People always want a cutting edge sewing technology in their sewing machines to impress people and client with work. Apart from that, it is not possible to complete embroidery like tasks with an ordinary machine within a short period of time. Brother SE400 sewing machine produces the best-computerised result with awesome stitching speed which will take your sewing profession to a new level. Further, in this article, you will a get a full in-depth review of Brother SE400 computerised sewing machine.

Brother SE400 Full Review

When we talk about a full review of anything, we should cover all the necessary elements within it. In this section, I will let you know about all the crucial element of this machine. If you read this section carefully, you will know all the things about this machine and it will help you to make a wise decision while buying this machine.

Looks and Design

The look of this machine is beautifully designed by the professionals. This machine looks like a top-notch sewing machine which can only be used by professionals. But that’s not the case here. it can be used by anyone. The machine has the dimension of  10.94″ x 6.89″ x 15.55″ which is a good example of a concise beautifully designed sewing machine.

It also has LCD Display of 2.7 x 1.4 dimension which looks cool while functioning. This LCD display has blue light in it for better visuals. Since the machine has fully function loaded, The front area of the machine is covered by its user guidance which shows the pattern number of stitching.

A beautiful Brother’s company logo also exists at the front of the machine. The weight of this machine is 13.669 lbs which makes it portable as well.

Stitching Speed

We all know the importance of the stitching speed in a computerised machine. All the professional in sewing industry always take a good glance at the speed of the sewing machine. Because they know the value of time while doing any project. Taking these things into consideration Brother company worked very well on the speed of this Brother SE400 computerised sewing machine. Company has worked on both speed of its embroidery and stitching speed.

The stitching speed of this machine is 710 stitches per minute, on the other hand, the embroidery speed of this machine is 400 spm which is perfect for all types of projects. With the help of its embroidery speed, you will find how easy it is to work with this machine. You only need to set design in the machine system and it will do the rest of the work itself.

Usually, embroidery takes more time when designing a pattern so you need good speed. 400 spm speed is quite appropriate for all professional work.

Computer Connectivity

Usually, we do not think to attach a sewing machine with a computer or other external computerised machines. Brother SE400 allows you to attach your brother sewing machine with the computer. Company is giving connectivity with the computer device by data the data cable which you will get with the machine. The purpose of giving this connectivity is to allow the user to import their own design into the machine.

There are thousands of designs available in the embroidery industry. If you want to import your self made design into the machine and make an embroidery design on fabric then you can do so. Even you are also allowed to download any design from the internet and stitch it on your fabric with the help of this wonderful machine.

Stitching/ Sewing functionalities

Brother SE400 has plenty of sewing features in it. It gives you 70 built-in design for embroidery works and 67 stitching patterns in it. That you are not limited to a few embroidery designs. This sewing machine comes with 70 built-in designs in it. Apart from that, you can import self-made designs or import designs from the internet in this machine.

It also includes 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoops and has 4″ x 4″ of maximum embroidery working area. This is enough embroidery area to make big and wide patterns on the fabric. You can easily move or turn the fabric with your hand without any inconvenience because of its wide hoops and area. It also has 1 Degree, 10 Degrees, 90 Degrees of pattern rotating increment.

Company is giving full liberty to you, you can enhance your embroidery skills on the fabric with such great features in it. It also has 120 frames of pattern combinations and 5 lettering font in it.

Embroidery work needs a good and smooth stitching mechanism. Brother SE400 give a perfect embroidery designed all the time. We have tested its embroidery on the full speed. We were pretty happy to see the beautiful outcome of this machine even at such a high speed. That is why this machine is one the best-known machine in the embroidery industry.

If we talk about it button sewing capabilities then let me tell you that this sewing machine allows you to sew 10 different types of buttonhole design. Usually, we get only a maximum of 4 buttonholes designs in a computerised sewing machine. But you can see how valuable this machine is, which is giving 10 buttonholes design.

Warranty & Services

People always look at the warranty aspect of the computerised sewing machines. In computerised sewing machine, it is important that the warranty should be of a good time period because computerised sewing machine has the electronic and computerised item in it. Computerised sewing machine also has software included in it. The price of the internal components may be too high that is why people need a long term warranty in computerised sewing machines.

Brother SE400 is neither giving 1 year or 3 years of warranty but it is giving you a huge 25 years of limited warranty. This is really surprising and good news of its buyer. Company is taking care of its machine for the next 25 years. No doubt there must be some Terms & Conditions with this warranty but it is usual. You will not get 25 years of warranty anywhere else. Apart from that the company also has customer support on email or phone call as well.


We may find tons of mind-blowing features in many machines but the question arises on its affordability. We can get the computerised sewing machine which is giving more features as compare to this Brother machine but when it comes with a price, this is the best. In brother SE400, you are getting tons of utility and convenient features at an affordable price.

The thing to consider here is that when you are getting more than basic features in a big brand sewing machine then why go for another company or another machine? The looks, design, features, service support and warranty are so adorable in this computerised sewing machine.

We always try to save money when it comes to buying any product for ourself. The important part here is this that we are talking about affordable price here but we are not settling for fewer features and specification. This is all we need in a good product.

Company brand name is also a crucial factor for people and everybody knows its valuable name in this industry. In spite of having a big brand, the company is not charging too much. In the end, I can say that this machine is the perfect machine with this price range.

Other Features

. One-touch thread cutter( Automatic )
. 120 Volt AC
. 70 Decorative design
. Built-in embroidery card slot
. 5 Embroidery fonts
. Touch screen LCD display
. Mirror Imaging
. compatible machine
. Easy bobbin winding system
. Needle threader ( Automatic )
. Design increment and decrement option available


At the end of this article, Here, I will tell you my views on buying this sewing machine. I have checked the reviews of hundreds of its past users, I have checked the usefulness of this machine over the world. I have also compared all the top end machine with this Brother SE400 computerised sewing machine.

What I have found is? this machine is the most valuable machine in the combination of embroidery and stitching work. Its computer connectivity also gives an edge to this machine. This also got the award of “2018 WOMEN CHOICE AWARD”. This is only because of its good work and trust of the customer. I would recommend you to buy this machine if you are satisfied with its all above mentioned attributes and affordability.


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