Brother xl2600i Review – Best Inexpensive Sewing Machine

This Brother model is a simple yet stylish sewing machine. While the body is mostly white, the blue stitches of the machine emphasize its diverse stitches.

Brother xl2600i Review

A little about the brands past

The Brother international corporation, a subsidiary of the US-based Brother Industries Ltd., has worked since 1954 to satisfy the requirements of the family and office all at once and needless to say, it has succeeded. In 2013, they were given the “Consumer Digest Best Buy” sewing and embroidery equipment award. Brother has a long-standing record for producing high-quality sewing machines supported by a regular minimum guarantee of 25 years.

Brother XL-2600

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They even operate a sewing blog called’ Stitching Sewcial’ to build a sewing family and to offer personal narratives, advice and DIY drawings for sewing systems that purchase their products.


  • The sister xl2600i has many excellent characteristics for such an inexpensive sewing machine that are ideal for house use each and every day. There are always the previously mentioned 25 stitches, each configured with many stitch functions, and the free arm, which in itself is phenomenal for sewing sleeves and sleeves, can also be easily converted into a flatbed sewing surface.
  • They have a convenient stitch size adjustment wheel and a vehicle key holder. Choose from an instant one-step buttonholer with stitch equilibrium support to evenly position the knob for balanced placement of the buttons.
  • Beginners are delighted with the convenience of threading on this tool and inserting and jamming the spool is simple. The characteristics and choices on this device enable you to easily quilt, dress your clothes, make crafts and sew trendy items.
  • Sewing with front or backstitching hasn’t been this fast than with fast feet, built-in fabric trimmer and features like velocity, stress, width, and duration of the knot. Sew with the integrated-in light bulb to light up the workplace region faster where everything is clear.

Look of the device

  • It’s notable on/off key ensures that one of your own initiatives will not be inadvertently interrupted. In general, the Brother XL2600I looks like something straight at home, regardless of where you choose to place it, whether it is a fashion space, a bathroom or a school dormitory.
  • The device averages in at 11 pounds, so that it’s easier to shift around compared to other sewing devices
  • This beginner’s sewing machine has 25 distinct stitch types, all of which can be accessed by its simple selector!

Best alternatives:


Each sewing also features various sewing features so that you can proceed to another knit once you are satisfied with a single sewing configuration. The device is also fitted with an instant thread threader and a cleaner. There is no need to tighten your fingers to make sure everything is correctly woven, just let the device function for you. Furthermore, you must not worry about your work’s tails coming off.

Bobbin Mechanism

  • The Brother XL2600I bobbin mechanism is also extremely easy to use. The charging of the drop-in jackets and auto-winding ensure that there is no moment spent avoiding wind-downs or pitching.
  • This sewing machine makes sure you can get to work right away. The Brother XL2600I is, as we said, an affordable device perfect for commencing sewing operations. The normal stitch setup is provided and the device is easy to comprehend.
  • Its minimal construction means that you won’t get disheartened when you start a project–no problem is insurmountable especially for passionate sewers.
  • Beginners will find it to be the finest inexpensive sewing machine of its category and discover it very simple to use. The picker is especially comfortable and simple to use. Just turn the wheel and choose the stitch you want in no time. Then let the coil drop, drag the thread via the built-in compartment and sew it to the material.

Needle Threader

  • The needle threader is automatic, then only the printed thread diagram on the sewing machine must be followed by the handle maker. This model also knows how to take care of everything with regard to coils.
  • The automatic, consistent, fast and quick winding of the coil can be found here.  When loading the bottom thread and placing the bobbin on the winder, merely press the bobbin winder to the left and the bobbin will be wounded for you.
  • The open grip is inserted to allow the kids ‘ garments and other tiny cylindrical products to be sewed in shirts, cuffs, and pants, as you please, as well as buttonholes with seam buttonhole and foot buttonholes,  to suit each of the handles of the clothing.


A warranty of 25 years for the Brother XL2600I provides for the replacement of mechanical parts, work and other odds and ends for up to a year from the machine’s purchase.

Up to two years after the acquisition, electronics and production panel panels can be substituted and the frame winding can be substituted until 25 years after purchase.


  • When you sew, you want to leave everything tight and primed to go so that a venture works perfectly. Sadly, the thread voltage of Brother XL2600I appears to be a tad loose from time to time.
  • This can trigger many issues, including snags, hitches and so forth. Tension deficiency can generally be solved by adjusting the device, but it still pulls down a project and necessarily stops the fast job that the Brother device appears to be proud of.
  • A jamming spool is just as tricky as a loose thread. The Brother XL2600I is equipped with a jam-resistant spool, but not all the spool is completely reliable.
  • Once you practice with this device, it is essential to maintain an eye on your string and bobbin: if items begin to get snaggy and make sure the thread is not caught.


The XL2600I brother is outstanding for simple sewing activities every day and is easy for fresh sewers to work their way around. It’s a good first tool for many–quite often literally–but it also acts as a constant worker for those of us who continue to work in our knitting work.

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