Brother XR9500PRW: Detailed Unbiased Review

Not only is the company Brother prone to making Sewing Machines, but they also make some really good embroidery machines as well. It is a famous brand for printers, machine tools, types, etc. Brother has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand for the sewing machine. Here we will look closely at the advantages and disadvantages of this machine that is perfect for beginners and quilters.

Our new favourite sewing machine for beginners is Brother XR9550PRW. It is remarkably easy to use, a piece of cake to set up, and decent stitches are created at an affordable cost. For someone just starting sewing or who wants to have headache-free sewing experience, this is a solid option! Its stitches do not however fully match those produced by the best versions, although they produce a high-quality buttonhole. However, their value and ease of use make up for the minor shortcomings and we highly recommend them.

Brother XR9500PRW

Brother XR9500PRW Review:

When you put it on the workstation, the machine gives off a premium look. The friends and family would really like to brandish it. It is a portable sewing machine that facilitates mobility and storage from point a to point b. The extension table that increases slightly the total size of the sewing machine can be easily detached to make storing easier.

Stitch Quality

  • The brother did a decent job at the right long stitch, producing high-quality stitch on materials that are easier to sew, such as cotton, but ends up bundling the fabric slightly and create a looser stitch on hard ones, such as polyester charmeuse.
  • The machine also worked well on the majority of materials on which we tested, but we saw the bottom thread tension a little on the narrow side of certain testing materials, such as denim or corduroy. Surprisingly, it was our opinion that Brother XR9500PRW, its predecessor, had a slightly better zigzag.
  • This turned out better than the old model if we shifted over to the scallop stitch test. We found this model to make almost perfect polyester charmeuse scallops with only smaller stitching for cotton or silk. It did, however, sew on the polyester chiffon a bit lower than average.


  • How intuitive the labels are on the machine, how good the thread cutter and the built-in light are, and whether the machine has automatic sewing positions or adjustable stop points, are selectable easily. In this test set, Brother has done remarkably well and achieved one of the best scores in the whole group.
  • This sewing machine is fully emblazoned with helpful instructions for extraordinary usability. We particularly enjoyed them being all visible at the same time— the previous machine had a panel that you must fold back over to see the full stitch library. The instructions for threading the spool are printed on a sticker and indicate the average voltage on the tension-setting wheel.
Brother XR9500PRW-LCD Screen
  • Brother XR9500PRW with all the directions printed on the sewing machine is very simple to use. You can easily do this regardless of whether you need to change the stitches out of 110 available stitches or control the thread pressure according to requirements.
  • On the sewing machine, all is explained. From the stitches to the position, the backlight LCD displayed on the front. The intuitive button right under the screen helps you to pick the stitches.

Build of the Sewing Machine

  • The sewing machine is provided with a sewing foot, which simplifies the use of a large flip-chart, to read the numbers that suit the stitch you want, for different sewing needs like making quilts, fitting a zip-chart and so on. You simply have to set your numbers on the screen by means of buttons and be prepared to select the stitch.
  • We especially liked the rear-lit screen showing the recommended stitch length and width on the basis of your choice as well as the pressure foot letter for each stitch you will be using. If you have problems, the screen will display an error code in the handbook, but that’s forgivable because the screen is only so large.

Work Light

  • This sewing machine contains a work light, but it’s rather dim and you’ll arguably need some extra lighting to really see the workpiece clearly. The thread cutter, positioned at the back of the machine, is very readily accessible and is just slightly higher than the thread cutter on the side.
  • This model also has a wrapper on top of the machine, with clearly marked thread directions.


  • This model has automatic sewing capabilities with customizable speed and the needle always stops down and can be raised with a button. We looked at how difficult it was to fit the machine, set the bobby, thread the needle, wind the bobbin and change the pressing feet, which is worth 20 per cent of the overall score for our Ease to set-Up metric.
  • The Brother XR9550PRW proved again his worth as a great newcomer to earn a 7 out of 10 performance which placed it almost at the top of the game.
  • This sewing machine seems to be about average to thread with instructions printed on the side of the machine that is relatively clear and easy to follow. With clear instructions as well as a bobbling plate that is very simple to remove, the bobbin is even easier to set up and install.
  • This has the standard half automatic needle threader-the thread is looped around the hooks then tightened up the lever to thread the needle. It is quite easy to find a piston with a Brother XR9550PRW and the finished piston is wound very uniformly.
  • Easy buttonhole creation and finished point quality. With its strong performance and close to the top of the group, the XR9550PRW improved on the score of its predecessors.
  • This machine has produced extremely high-quality, very clean and secure buttonholes with only the slightest thing about bunching some of the finest materials such as charmeuse at the top bar.

Key Features

To summarise let us look at some key features:

  • The more built-in stitches the further you can adorn your tailoring item, the better the sewing machine. Brother XR9500PRW has 110 integrated stitches to choose from. Only 100 integrated stitches had been added to the older model. 8 1-step automatic buttonhole styles. You simply have to choose the style and you will do the job yourself.
  • The sewing machine can sew very quickly. This is quite good for such a sewing machine. It has the ability to sew 800 stitches per minute.
  • The Brother XR9500PRW makes it pretty easy to set-up the bobbin. It features a fast set up a top drop-in system which allows you to quickly start with your project.
  • If you need to change the stitch, just underneath this screen do so from the button. The screen shows the designated stitch pattern.
  •  It comes with 8 different pressing feet styles to meet different needs. Use Brother XR9500PRW sewing machine to change presser feet again.
  • The XR9500PRW is silent, lightweight, but durable and feature-driven. It would be safe to say that when sewing with the XR9500PRW, you are only constrained by your imagination.

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