Common Sewing Machine Problems and How To Solve Them

In the modern world, most of the people are using sewing machines in their houses. People can use this machine for repairing torn and worn-out clothes, stitching new dresses, and to alter the dresses based on their fitting.  While using this machine, there are many chances that your needle may completely break down, the battery goes dead and much more. Even though they create a frustrating experience, many problems are resolved without spending more.

Common Sewing Machine Problems

Sewing Machine Problems

This article shares you a list of a few common sewing machine issues with their simple solutions.

A broken or bent needle

This problematic issue can be both annoying and dangerous. It is advised to use the new needles for your new project. It prevents your needles from hooked at a tip or getting dull that will damage the fabric. You can also ensure that you use a suitable kind of needle for a particular type of fabric. 

It is because knit fabrics work with jersey or ballpoint needle while denim, leather or vinyl will require sturdy and sharp needles. It is highly advised to stop your sewing process immediately if the needle bends or breaks. Also, you can remove it carefully and replace it with a suitable needle.

Thread is breaking continuously

You can check the threat type which you are choosing. It is because delicate threads created for your hand sewing purposes are not ideal for your machine use. You can ensure that both your bottom and top threats are in a similar weight. If you still face this problem, you can reduce the tension settings of the top thread.

Thread is bunching up below your dresses when sewing

When you look the knots of addition thread in the below portion of sewing fabric, there are many possible culprits. Due to this, you can remove the sewing from your machine and cut through the extra thread for getting it free. Once the project is freed, you can remove the cut bits of thread. This technique helps you to find the problem. 

  • Remove and also re-thread the bobbin
  • Remove the top threat for re-threading your machine
  • Ensure that you choose a similar kind of threat in the bobbin and top thread
  • Adjust the tension settings

Machine making unwanted noises

The sewing machines begin making unwanted noise in certain instances. During this situation, you should stop the sewing process and open up your casing of sewing machine with better care. After that, you can clean up all internal parts.

The main reason for this problem is that a mechanism of your machine is experiencing resistance in the smooth operations because of dust particles gathered in it. 

The machine needle gets unthreaded

You can understand every effort you take for passing your thread through the head of a needle, and while the needle starts the sewing process, it is left unthreaded. It will lead to more wastage of both your efforts and time. 

Hence, for avoiding this inconvenience, you can repeat a similar process, but with your needle position at a top. To achieve this exact position, you require rotting your hand wheel completely towards your direction. It will ensure that you never face this issue this time.


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