How to Fix an Antique Kenmore Sewing Machine

Kenmore sewing machines are made for sears and they are found in lots of households now. This is a great sewing machine to mend the household linens as well as the regular wear clothes. Sewing machines are a boon to modern households as it offers a quick solution to your torn clothes or torn buttons of your kid’s shirt. Kenmore sewing machines have proved its efficiency and thus this one is being widely used by most of the families.

However like any other machine, a sewing machine can stop working, it can act weirdly and it can act messy while working for a few years or even it can create a problem when only a few weeks have been passed. If you find that your machine is not working properly or has stopped working altogether, then it is surely time to get it repaired. Sometimes the mending can be done by the owners and other time you need to get in touch with a service centre. If you want to know when it is needed to be taken to a professional service, do not bother to be late, visit a professional and get it repaired adequately.

How to Fix an Antique Kenmore Sewing Machine

Fix an Antique Kenmore Sewing Machine

Here is the list of issues faced by users and their respective solutions by experts.

1. Issues found by the user:

This has been mentioned by a user of the Kenmore sewing machine. She was facing a problem regarding the foot pedal. When she was starting to use the machine and thus pushing the foot pedal, it sometimes starts and sometimes it gets stuck. To solve the issue she used to pedal to the floor very fast or else if she slows down the pedal gets stopped. If the foot pedal gets stuck she uses the handwheel, and the handwheel also gets jammed at the same point of rotation. If she pushes the pedal the motor starts to run but the needle does not move. She has tried disassembling the machine and cleaning it, but the problem with foot pedal, motor and internal belt remained the same.

Solutions provided by experts:

If the issue occurs due to the foot pedal, then the foot pedal voltage could be checked and then a separate foot pedal of same voltage can be used by replacing the old one, to see if it works. There are replacements available on some websites.

There is a small pressure plate below the knob and the user can twist it to unlock the wind to wind to the bobbin. If it is slightly bent and does not sit well on flush then this may cause the problem. This one also can be replaced or fixed by professional help.

2. Issues found by the user:

The sewing machine gets a frozen stitch selector knob, how to fix it?

Solution provided by the experts:

To use the stitch selector the needle of the sewing machine should be positioned in the up. If still, the problem persists, then maybe the knob is jammed and needs servicing.  There also could be a problem with the broken lever or gear.

3. Issues found by the user:

The stitch selector knob, as well as feed dog lever, gets jammed, it has been oiled properly and still no use.

Solution provided by the experts:

The machine may be an old model and in that case, may the gears be worn. General servicing will do. If the parts are too old then those can be replaced by the technician as well.

4. Issues found by the user:

She is unable to remove the machine part that is attached to the feet. She needs to replace the feet as she needs specialized snap-on feet mechanism.

Solution provided by the experts:

The shaft upon which the feet were attached has two holes, on right and on left. One hole is attached with foot and another one has a thick pin. Try to loosen the left one and tighten the right one, hopefully, it works for most of the machines.

5. Issues found by the user:

The Kenmore sewing machine gets jammed often while working and if the user works with the handwheel, it moves and then again gets jammed. Also, there is a humming sound when it stops.

Solution provided by the experts:

The belt may be worn, or there may be a clump stuck in there somewhere. It is best to take the sewing machine to a qualified technician.

6. Issues found by the user:

The spool pin has fallen into the machine. So the machine cannot be used as there is no option to put a thread into.

Solution provided by the experts:

It is not possible to disassemble the machine, so it needs help from a technician as there may have been damage caused by the drop of the pin inside the machine. try any local service centre and call for service people.


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