How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Beginners

Buying a sewing machine is an important step for creating interesting and perfect clothing. Now, which sewing machine you buy will impact everything, so before you head on to buy a sewing machine go through this guide that will help you know which the best one according to your needs is.

No there is a lot of difference in the great and not so great sewing machines. If you have a machine which is well designed then you will be saving a great amount of frustration. Also if your machine works well then you will enjoy using it and your job will be completed on time. There are a lot of beginners who have given up on learning thanks to their complicated sewing machines.

How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Beginners

Buyer’s Guide to Choose a Sewing Machine for Beginners

So here we have the important points that you need to consider before you buy any sewing machine. These are the important features that you need to look for in a sewing machine and keep in mind that if it is good then your job will be fun and less hectic.

Mechanical machine

The first and the most important thing before you buy any sewing machine is that the machine you buy should be preferably a mechanical model. This is because it has computerised and automatic controls and therefore you have ease in working.

There are two reasons to buy a mechanical model:

  • The first is that you are to learn the basics first and not get confused with all the sewing stuff. So to learn the basics it would be better that you go for a good machine.
  • Also, it is important that before buying a computerised machine for yourself you also should have a mechanical machine. This is because the automatic machine needs maintenance and repair. You will not be able to repair the machine by yourself at home therefore a manual one would be more preferred.
  • It would be better that you buy a mechanical one first if you are a beginner as it would help you learn the basics perfectly.

Let us see some of the important features that you need to have when you are buying a sewing machine.

Built-in needle threader

You need to thread your machine every time you sew. As this is the basic step, therefore, needs to be done. Now, if you have a good machine that works easily then you will love sewing. In the machine, you need to thread it even 1000 times.

You can save a lot of your time by using a machine which has a built-in needle threader. This will make your work a lot easier and you should prefer a machine which has this feature in it.

Top loading drop-in bobbin

If your bobbin is poorly designed then it will cause a lot of problem for you. Sometimes, it happens that the bobbin is placed at the front side of the machine and you have to change it.

Now the problem with this is that you are not able to see if the thread has finished or not. So, due to this, the bobbin runs low on the thread and you unaware, will continue sewing. And when you end up you find that there are no stitches. This will be really frustrating for you. And you now have to work upon it again.

The top-loaded bobbin is much better as, in this case, the bobbin will pop up and drop out automatically when it runs low on thread. Also, this system can be easily visible through the cover plate. With this system, you can easily see if your bobbin has less thread or not. This feature is really helpful and you are really going to love it.

Free arm capability

When you have a free arm then you have the ability to see narrow, garment pieces which are round, pant hems and sleeves. If your machine does not have the feature of the free arm then you won’t find it as easy to sew as you find it with a free arm.

When you begin as a beginner then you have to make many small projects. This is because you can learn easily through them and they are easy and helpful. If you are not having the ability to sew free arm then it is a drawback of your machine. If you are buying a new machine then try that you buy a machine which has this feature.


For beginners, it is better that you go for the Janome sewing machine. With Janome, you get the best quality and value too. It is better that you go for a machine that has good feature rather than buying a machine that lacks these and end up frustrating. This is the best machine and you won’t get any other which has better features.


When you are buying a new sewing machine for yourself then you should consider the above features. More the features in your machine easier it will be for you to sew.


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