How to Fix a Tear Without Sewing?

Repairing tears is tough but you can do that. It might not seem good but you still don’t need to throw the shirt away. You also don’t necessarily need a sewing machine to repair your issues. You can do that easily with easy steps.

You can go for the no-stick trick. It is efficient and it will take less time. It will help to transform your shirt back to its wearable state. The use of the method will depend upon the location of the tear and the accessibility. You can access some tears easily but some are not so easily accessible.

How to Fix a Tear Without Sewing

How to Fix a Tear Without Sewing

1. Using fusing paper:

This method is one of the widely used techniques. The material you need for these are easily accessible and you can get them easily. The paper you need for this will be available at any of the fabric shops or you can get it from a tailor as well. This works best on small tears and is also suitable for lightweight fabrics.

It might not be as suitable for the fabric like satin or the polyester. There is adhesive on one end. This will help to secure the fabric easily. You need to gather all the material. These include:

  • Torn shirt
  • Pair of scissors
  • Iron
  • Fusing paper
  • Board for ironing

After you assemble all the material, you then need to follow the below steps:

Iron the shirt

Now you need to place your shirt on the flat surface. This will expose the tear. Now you can heat the iron and then iron your fabric. Iron around the tear, this will remove the tears if there are any. Now you need to bring all the torn pieces together. Now use your fingers and nip away the thread pieces that are extra.

Fusing paper

Now you need to cut the fusing paper and the fusing paper is to be cut bigger than the tear. You need to place the shirt upside down. Now place the paper on the shirt using the sticky side.

Iron it

You need to use the fuse paper and place the backing patch. Make use of the pressing cloth so that you can prevent the marks. Now heat your iron and then press it down towards the cloth. Now you don’t need to leave the iron ad just keep it for 10-15 seconds. Now remove the iron.

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After you iron the cloth, the tear will now be repaired. Now turn your shirt to the right side and if you feel that things are not right then repeat the steps again.

2. Use the iron on mender

The iron on mender is the tape and it comes in a pack of three. This is another option that you can use to repair the tear. This option is easy, permanent and a quick alternative.

Place the shirt on the mender and straighten it. Find the tear and cut it with the scissors so that you can match the

Next, you need to position the mender. In this, you need to keep the adhesive side up. The second mender acts as a backing patch and it should be larger than the mender.

You can activate the tape using heat. Set the iron to the temperature that you need. Take a pressing cloth before you iron the cloth. Hold the iron for a few moments.

3. Bonding powder

Another alternative that you can use is the bonding powder. This powder will help you bond the fabric when you iron it.

The torn part will be held together and no evidence of tear will be found. You can go through the user guide that comes with the powder that will help you to use it accordingly.

Steps to use the bonding powder:

  • Place the shirt inside out so that it lays flat.
  • Bring the ripped parts together.
  • Now sprinkle the powder to the area that is torn.
  • Cut a patch and keep it on the tear. If you don’t have any keep a piece of cotton.
  • Blow away if there is any excess of powder left.
  • Now put stabilizer or greaseproof fabric.


This might be suitable as you don’t need to take up long procedures and processes. You can master these tricks and once you do that the process becomes easier.


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