How to Improve Your Sewing Skills

You might know how to sew different stuff like the scarves and the lowers pants and also the outfits for dolls. But if you wish to sew like a pro, then you need to have these skills. Let’s go ahead reading this article and know about it in detail.

How to Improve Your Sewing Skills

Ways to Improve Your Sewing Skills


Pressing is not the same as that of ironing. It will help to set and blend the stitches to give you a nice and crisp seam. For this, you just need to place your iron on the fabric, and place it there for a few seconds, after that you need to remove it. You don’t need to move the iron back and forth as you usually do while ironing your clothes. Due to this, the fabric might stretch.

Stay stitching

It doesn’t matter if you are sewing straight or curved edges; stay stitching will be a great stabilizer. The purpose of this is to avoid stretching and bend on the bias edge. For the stay stitch, you have to set your stitch length to 1.5 and you need to be sure that the stitch is ⅛” from the sewing line. You don’t have to move the fabric around so much even a little movement can cause bends and disorders.

Clipping Corners and Curves

Seams might turn to be bulky when there are lots of corners and curves, and due to this, it will be tough to lay your items flat. If you will clip the corner from the diagonal, very near to the seam as close you can keep, you’ll get a snappy corner when you will be turning it.

The same principle will be based on the curves. For this, you need to remove a slight bulk to get a flatter seam. Curves which seem to be like the mountains have to be notched whereas the curves which appear like valleys have to be clipped.

Finishing Seams

After the seam is done, you need to finish it in order to prevent the unraveling of the seam. It is also important so that your clothes on the inside too look as good as the outside. Usually, you can finish your seams by using a pair of pinking shears, but this all will depend upon your fabric and the type of garment.


If your hems are done nicely then your clothes get a polished look. This is for both the rolled hem and a blind one. You just need to be sure that the hem you are using is right for your pants or shirts.

Rotary Cutting

A rotary cutter can prove to be your sewing bestie. And you will be amazed at the speed with which you can cut out a pattern. You need to focus to keep a blade sharp and keep a stock of extras that can be used when one gets dull. Then you can even use a cutting mat which will help you to prevent the surfaces from getting nicked.

Fussy Cutting

This is a great way that is used for creating the appliqués for clothes or cushions from the patterned fabric. You have to cut the motif you want, leaving behind a lot of extra space. You can trim the motif, and while you do so you need to leave space so that you are able to sew your seams. After that, you have to place the motif on the fabric, and you have to make use of a fabric spray or any adhesive so that it stays in place as you will sew a satin stitch near it.

Bar Tacking

Bar tacks will help to strengthen the areas that get a lot of stress, such as the pocket openings. This can be done can either through the sewing machine by using a zigzag stitch or though the hand (by using a whipstitch). The width is 1/16 to ⅛” and the length is ¼ to ⅜”.

Reinforcing Patch Pocket Corners

For this, you need to add small triangles to your pocket corners which will help to reinforce them. And this will be preventing them from being pulled away. For this, you have to stitch a short diagonal line at the upper corners after attaching the pocket. You need to check again and again if you are going right or not. And that’s it.


Knowing how to stitch is not just sufficient. For that, you need to know the basic skills too. This will prepare your fabric to be a neat ad that will have good stitches and seams and the appearance will be better.

You always need to be sure which sort of method is suitable for which kind of fabric and then after that you can go ahead with stitching properly. Another thing that you need to keep in your mind when you are stitching a garment is that a finished look of the garment will make it much more beautiful, so for that, you need to finish it properly by using pressing.


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