How to oil a Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine

From the year 1972 those who have made sewing machines, they made it keeping in mind that they do not require oiling, but the Husqvarna machine needs monthly oiling and it is recommended.

If the machine is made before 1972 then it needs oiling by rubbing the finger. The oiling will prevent dryness and damage to the machine when it suddenly stops.

How to oil a Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine

How to oil a Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine

For the machines that require oiling, the users should make sure they oil it once in a month and check the working of the machine regularly. If you wish to check your machine needs oiling or not, simply run your hands along the needle bar. If the needle bar is dry, it means it needs oiling. Also, users should get their machine serviced professionally once a year.

Requirements for oiling the Viking sewing machines:

  • Sewing machine oil for oiling
  • Scrap pieces of cloth or a fabric
  • Lint-free fabric
  • And accessories from the box

To oil your machine goes through the following steps:

  • Unplug your sewing machine first, and place it on the table or an area that receives good light. Now remove the top cover of the sewing machine. Now, try to tilt the table as far as you can and let it rest with the wall or the table. The base remains anchored on the carrying case.
  • Now find the plugs in the machine and look for the various parts of the machine. Now remove the bobbin and the case. After that the needle, presser foot and stitch plate. Keep all of this aside. After doing all of this you now need to remove the race and any covers if there are.
  • Keep all of these on a cloth.
  • Now you need to clean the area of the feed dogs and the race. Do this using a brush. Remove the pieces of the thread if you find any around the parts of the machine.
  • Turn the wheel, and after that put oil on all the metal parts that you can see in the race area. Try that you do not put oil on the on metal surfaces. Try to use only sewing machine oil for this purpose; this is because it will not leave any residue behind that can damage any parts of the fabric.
  • Now, after oiling the parts, place the pats back in their position. Do this first for the race and stitch plate. Now plug in the sewing machine and operate it without using the needle. Ensure that the oil is distributed evenly. Wipe the oil that has littered around the table, case or the countertop.
  • Now put the needle but do not thread it. Put the presser foot back in position too, also stitch the scrap pieces to check for stains. If you see oil stains of the fabric then continue to stitch until you see a dry fabric. After you do this, wipe the machine bed. Now you can thread the sewing machine and use it.


If you use your machine a lot, then you should oil it after 12 hours of consistent use. But for this, you need to use only a little oil. Just squeeze tiny drops of oil while oiling the machine parts. Also do consider oiling the machine if you hear any noises f jams or knocking sounds.


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