How to Sew Denim with a Sewing Machine

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the denim and how they can be stitched using the sewing machine. In this section, you will be seeing the tricks and tips that are required to stitch the denim perfectly.

Denim is among those kinds of fabrics that people usually avoid to use. This is because the fabric is thick, and due to this when you fold it or if you wish to stitch the pieces together then it will just get thicker. But if you handle the fabric correctly, then you can sew your jeans easily and it is not that hard as it appears to be.

How to Sew Denim with a Sewing Machine

Tips For Sewing Denim:

You can use the following tips to sew the denim fabric by using the sewing machine:

  • You need to use sharp scissors for cutting.
  • Make use of the appropriate needle.
  • Also, make use of the right thread
  • You can make use of a bumper or you can even use the levelling foot.
  • Stitch slowly.

Just that’s all you need to do. But let us know about these tips a little more in detail.

Sharp scissors

Really, this tip is the most obvious and is really important. You cannot make use of dull scissors since the denim fabric is thick and won’t cut accurately.

Using the appropriate needle

You can even purchase the jean needles which can help you to sew the denim easily. But it is not necessary that you use them only. You can try to have different sizes of needles and make sure you have the 90/14, 100/16 needle with you.

Needles should be according to the thickness of the fabric you are sewing. The denim fabric is of the size 90 and for that, you would need the needles 80/12 and 70/11.

Use the right thread

For the regular seams, you need to make use of the thread that is for all purposes. But if you are thinking of topstitching then you can use the heavy-duty thread.

We have noticed that some of the companies market the cotton thread as jeans thread and it is hated for that reason because it does not give results as you wish to have. You can make use of the Upholstery thread as a great substitute. This is because it looks thicker like the topstitching thread and it is basically used for jeans. It is smoother than the cotton thread and it will run smoothly on your machine.

Bumper or a levelling foot

The bumper is the scrap of denim that we can place near the machine while sewing. When you have to sew thicker areas, such as the places where the two seams meet each other. Your presser foot at such situations might get unbalanced. At that time you will need the bumper which will come for your rescue. You need to fold it and then you need to place it either on the front or the back and then after that continue sewing.  

If you are having a new machine then it will be having the j foot. The j foot is the levelling foot.

Go slow

This is also an important tip that you need to consider. On your jeans, there are a number of places where you might want to hand-crank the flywheel so that you can stitch easily. And that is a great option so that you are able to stitch properly. By opting for slow use you will be preventing seam ripper and also prevent the seam slippage.


The above tips are best suited and will help you to sew your denim perfectly with lesser issues. You need to follow a slow process and sew with utmost care at the places which are thicker.


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