How to thread a Nelco Sewing Machine

For simply getting knowledge about different parts of any sewing machine is having is user manual provided with the machine or if not then you can search online for the user manual and download it from there by paying a little bit of money, now in this article we will let you know how to thread your Nelco sewing machine.

Talking about Nelco it is a very prominent brand in sewing machine market available at cheaper price in comparison to big brothers like a singer, brother, jenome.

How to thread a Nelco Sewing Machine

How to thread Nelco Sewing Machine


  1. Slide the throat plate towards the left
  2. Move the needle to its highest point by turning the handwheel toward it.
  3. Lift the bobbin case by your left hand and remove bobbin case out of the machine
  4. The bobbin will drop out when the open end of the bobbin case is held down-ward and the latch is permitted to snap back into place.


a) Hold the Hand-Wheel with left-hand, and disconnect the Hand-wheel from sewing mechanism by turning the Stop-Motion Screw toward you with your right hand.

b) Place a spool of thread on the Spool-Pin.

c) Pass the thread through Thread Guides and lead between the Tension Discs of the Bobbin-Winder—Thread-Guide.

d) Wind seven or eight turns on an empty bobbin.

e) Put the Bobbin on the Bobbin- Winder Shaft fitting the slot of Bobbin and Pin of Shaft completely.

f) Run the machine until the Bobbin stops Winding thread automatically-

g) Remove the full bobbin from the machine.

h) Tighten the Stop-Motion-Screw.


  1. Hold the bobbin and the bobbin-case
  2. Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case.
  3. Draw thread under the tension spring between the fork-shaped opening.


  1. Move the Needle to its highest point, by turning the Hand-Wheel toward you.
  2. Slide the Throat-Plate to the left.
  3. With thumb and forefinger of the left hand, take the Bobbin-Case by the latch.
  4. Place the Bobbin-Case to the Shuttle by fitting :
  5. Bobbin-Case Hole to the Centre poet of Shuttle
  6. Protruding-Finger of Bobbin-Case to the slot of shuttle Race.
  7. Release the latch and press Bobbin Case into the Shuttle until it clicks in.
  8.  Allow 4 or 5 inches of thread to hang freely from Bobbin.



  1. Raise Thread-Take Up-Lever to its highest point by turning the Hand-Wheel toward you.
  2. Lead thread through threading points as shown in numerical order.
  3. Thread Needle from left to right.


  1. Hold the end of upper thread loosely, so that thread remains slack.
  2. Turn the Hand-Wheel toward you, until Needle goes down and comes up again, and brings up lower thread.
  3. By drawing upper thread with hand lower thread will be pulled up through the stitch hole of Needle-Plate.
  4. Place both threads under the Pressure Foot.

Important Tips

With your Nelco, be certain that you introduce the needle appropriately. Habitually, Nelco machines take the needle with the level side looking toward the throat of the machine- -, not toward the read like most different machines. The upper thread will thread through the needle’s eye from the left toward the right. They additionally are a left needle position machine- – which means, the standard situation of the needle when sewing straight line is at the left half of the presser foot, not focus like most different machines. To keep away from dreadful thread homes under the texture, make certain to ALWAYS RAISE the presser foot when threading the top thread.

Strikingly, the bobbin threading guidelines (above) show the bobbin stacking into the bobbin case so it turns COUNTER-clockwise. This is something contrary to directions for general machines. You can likely attempt both, the clockwise or Counter-clockwise, and check whether one works superior to the next.

Make certain to utilize new, great quality sewing machine oil or Tri-Flow Synthetic Oil on your machine. Open it up, while tenderly squirming the hand-wheel, drop two or three drops of oil each spot that metal rubs against metal. Maintain a strategic distance from plastic or elastic parts! You may even discover minimal round openings all through that are oil ports. Make certain to get the territory around the needle bar, presser foot lifter, feed dogs, the bobbin area, and all the dial and selector instruments.


The threading guide above should empower you to thread the fitting of your sewing machine at a very easy procedure. Working with Nelco sewing machine should now be fun as opposed to an irksome thing. The Nelco sewing machine you get next should have the choice to give you the results you have reliably wanted. Consider a bit of the above decisions concerning obtaining a Nelco sewing machine for beginners and experts. There is something for everyone so two creases down on what you need by then spin around this with respect to your purchase.

‘Threading the Nelco sewing machine’s needle’, is extremely a term for specific moves, all things considered, sports. Could sewing be named a movement sport? In a perfect world not all that hazardous, just a chance to convey you closer to the vitality of starting something new.

Threading your Nelco sewing machine precisely is imperative to achieve secure and engaging lines. In spite of the way that sewing machines come in different sizes and models offered by the brand, the framework for making a fasten on a home sewing machine is in a general sense the comparable—it makes a stitch by joining the needle string with a consequent string starting from the bobbin. As a fledgeling however it might take around fifteen to twenty minutes yet subsequent to getting to be proficient it will take around five minutes or thereabouts.


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