How to Use a Coverstitch Machine?

Cover stitch is a very important stitch and is used for hemming. But this is a difficult process too as for this you will need to invest your time and money. In this article, we will be discussing some important tips that you need to understand and by which you can easily use the cover stitch machine.

How to Use a Coverstitch Machine

Best combo

Now the important thing for you to understand is that the cover stitch machine you buy has different features. If you want the separate threading and air threading then you need to buy an expensive one. You won’t get the desired features in the cheap cover stitch machine. 

Best machine

If you want the best machine for the cover stitch then you need to buy the BabyLok Ovation. This machine has eight surges. With this, you are able to thread it and overlook it at the same time. The air threading will help to make your machine foolproof. You might feel that the price is high but what you get is worth according to the price.

Standalone overstitch machine

If you have a serger already and need a cover stitch then the Janome CoverPro 2000 will the best machine according to the needs.

Serger/ Overlock needles

The Overlock needles are the best needles, so far. They can perform the cover stitching knits easily. If you think that by using the regular ballpoint needles you will be able to cut, then you are absolutely wrong.

Now we would suggest that the ELX 705 Serger Over locks needles would be the best that you can use.


Sometimes you may think that the problem arises due to the overstitch machine. But if you inspect it from a little lose then you get to know that, you have not set up the machine correctly. You need to make sure that when you are threading the machine, the presser foot is up. If you do not keep the presser foot up then the tension will be off.


You need to make use of the most appropriate needles. Now when you are stitching, first you need to see if the thread is placed between the plates accurately.

If this is not done correctly, then your stitches might not be perfect.

Combo machines

It is not possible that you get a machine that is god in both the features that are the cover stitch and also a good Serger. You cannot adjust your machine to excel in both the areas of the serger and cover stitch. So you need to select while keeping one as the priority.


  • To protect your fabric from twisting and slipping you need to baste first.
  • Now until you complete the over stitching you don’t need to pause.  Some of the issues may arise at the start of the sewing. If you want to avoid these, then you just need to layer the pieces and continue sewing.
    This step is perfect for sewing the sleeves and leg hems.
  • You should try sewing the hems of sleeves and leggings on a flat. If you do this way, then it will be so easy. After you complete the hemming, then you can go for the sewing of side seams.

Fold these in a single direction and secure the seam by a topstitch.

  • Needles are the main thing so you need to use good needles. We recommend you the Schmetz ELX705 needles.
  • You need to pull the upper threads. By doing so you will be sure about the tension. The thread might not be secured properly between the plates. So to avoid this you can pull the upper threads. There will be a lot of resistance if you do not set up the machine correctly.
  • Do not pause and resume again and again. You can start slow, but with the later stitches, you need to speed up and keep your speed high. The thread issues and skipped stitches will be prevented by doing this.
  • Sometimes where the seam appears also makes a huge difference. It will give a better result if the seam is on the folded fabric.
  • Now, if you face any issues then you can check your threading. This might solve your issues.


Cover stitch can be a great hemstitch, but to do that you need an appropriate machine. You also need to keep some of the important things in mind. Go for the perfect alternative as per your requirement and you will be able to get great results.

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