How to use a sewing machine without the bobbin?

There are machines that can sew without a bobbin – these are called sergers, overlockers, or chain stitch machines. The lock stitch sewing machine should have a bobbin to feed the thread from the underside of the fabric or there will be no stitch.

There are some uses of a sewing machine without a bobbin in place – which sew in a line of holes in paper for a kind of stencil use which has powdered chalk to mark lines on fabric (called “pouncing“). The markings that are formed this way can be for embroidery or for lines of quilting stitches.

A person who is learning to sew can do the same thing along with the pieces of paper or cloth that you need to practice feeding the fabric through the machine without sewing it together. The lines of holes will show how well the needle will be tracking along the line where the stitches are supposed to be.

sewing machine

Sewing machine without the bobbin

You can do it after oiling the machine, then running it for a few minutes (less than five) to get the oil worked into the machine before you try sewing. Oil on the fabric will be leaving a stain and it will not always come out in the wash.

Despite all the assertion, you will hear from Big Tech, there is a simple law that will make a sense without ruining the tech industry. Let me try explaining, but before that, you should know that the Duck Duck Go company has the vision to raise the standard of the sewing machines without bobbins.

This may be the best way to use a sewing machine which has no bobbin:

  • First, you need to grasp the sewing machine in both the hands.
  • You need to be sure that the empty bobbin holder is facing towards you, you should then extend your arms straight out.
  • In the next step, put one foot in front of the other, you can then walk to the nearest open window.
  • Once you reach this window, carefully, and then without hesitation and with a firm grasp, clear the sewing machine (with the empty bobbin holder) out on the ledge of the window.
  • Once the window is clear of the sill, move both the arms away from the sewing machine, effectively dropping it.
  • Unless the machine is a chain stitch machine, a machine designed to stitch without a bobbin, there are only a couple of uses: use it to wind the bobbins, or use it without the use of thread to create some pattern of holes for crafts (use specialty needles such as hemstitch needles, wedge needles, or twin needles, and many size needles for differing the effects).


Use a large measure or hemstitch needle to “smudge” where to place hand embroidery for quilts or embroidery for perfectly sized and spaced stitches. Finally, you can make use of a notebook paper and also a thread-free machine so that you can practice your skill in stitching

I don’t know but take for granted that you have a machine but don’t have the bobbin. Most home machines have a lock stitch machine. They are called so because the needle thread and bobbin thread padlock or interweave to make a stitch. One stitch will be like when you interlock one finger on one hand with another on your other hand.

But you cannot use a lock stitch without a bobbin.

Note that each model of lock stitch sewing machine will use a specific type of bobbin system. Before you get bobbins you need to make sure that what type of system your machine will use or the bobbin thread will get tangled and won’t stitch.

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