Janome 1600P Sewing Machine Review

If you are Looking for a top-end automatic sewing machine which has all the sewing and quilting features? Today, in this article you will meet the entry-level and user-friendly automatic sewing machine which can be used for any type of sewing work. If you are a perfectionist who finds clarity and perfection in your work then you must use a professional tool to do so.

Janome 1600P Sewing Machine Review

Janome 1600P is the best machine I have found after profound research on top-notch automatic sewing machines. The features of this machine are really mind-boggling. You will love this sewing machine if you use it once because of its easy to handling features which can be used by a beginner as well. You can also check out the best sewing machine under 200

However, this machine comes under the professional automatic sewing machines segment but it is so easy to use. You will see further in this article that this Janome 1600P sewing machine is the best in this segment.

Janome 1600P Review Full Review

In this section, we will discuss the basic and top-end features of this machine. We will also tell you why this machine is suitable for professional sewing and quilting work. Affordability and durability is also an important factor, I will discuss it as well.

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Looks and Design

Looks and appearance of this Janome 1600p sewing machine are quite appealing and charming. The size of this machine is W498 x H323 x D178 mm which enables it to become more portable. The weight of this machine is also appropriate i.e. 14.5 kg. The body design of this machine is made under considering many things like- weight balance, work area. stitching area, front design, buttons availability.

A good combination of all these things makes this machine alluring and beautiful. Machine also has an instruction pattern above the needle area which seems quite professional. The Janome 1600p automatic sewing machine has a beautiful speed control button in the front of the machine. This button also makes its look better because this button is available in slide form.

The combination of white and grey colour shading enhances its beautifulness much more. The machine may look like a small machine by its appearance but this machine has plenty of good features in it.

Build Quality

For a long-lasting life of the machine, the body structure of the sewing machine should be made up of good and sturdy material. In this Janome machine, the build-up material is not only beautiful but it’s very tough as well. In day to day work, sewing machines get little scratches and dents. But if the material of the machine is good then the machine will get fewer scratches and dents on it.

In this machine, the material is medium scratch-resistant and sturdy that is why this machine would not get scratches easily. One major problem in sewing machines is the colour fading problem in the area where we touch more on the machine.

Mainly the front area of the machine gets colourless after some time in the ordinary machine. After the colour fades, the sewing machine looks like an old machine and its beauty goes away as well. But the colour of this machine will not fade at all.


The more speed a machine will have the more time it will save for long projects. If you are going to buy Janome 1600 P machine then definitely you want a good speed. Therefore, let me tell you that the stitching speed of this Janome sewing machine is 1600 stitches per minute.

Isn’t it awesome? With the help of its speed, you can finish your project under the given time period so easily. In slow stitching speed, you feel tired and boring when stitching for a long area of fabric. But This sewing machine allows you to do more stitching work than necessary.

One more interesting this with its speed is its accuracy. The accuracy of its stitching is perfect. It gives you a perfect stitching every time you stitched. Even if you run this machine with full speed, it will produce accurate stitching pattern.

This machine does not have basic problem of heating while running the machine in full stitching speed. On the other hand, other sewing machines in this segment have a problem with heating.

Automatic Thread Cutter

This machine also has an automatic thread cutter in it. You can easily use this function with automatic thread cutter function. This machine allows you to use the stop/start thread cutter option or automatic thread cutter option. With the automatic thread cutter option, you do not need to cut the thread with you scissor every time whenever you change the direction or point of the sewing.

This features a lot of time and helps you to reduce manual error problem by cutting the thread with hand. If your machine does not have the function of the automatic thread cutter then have to stop the sewing on and on whenever you one spell of stitching completes. Even if you are stitching in detailed way, you need to cut the thread and with your hand and again set the position of the needle on the fabric.

LED Lighting

This Janome 1600p machine comes with dual led lighting which helps you to do stitching more comfortably. The main use of this led light is to provide you with maximum focus on the fabric so that you can even work in details. Led lighting also helps you with quilting projects.

When you do quilting usually, you need to repeat the same pattern o the fabric so as to make it look better. In this situation, you need to keep an eye continuously on the fabric. Therefore, led light gives you more exposure while stitching.

Speed Control Mechanism

A good speed control mechanism is required if you want a good stitching experience. This machine gives you access to a good stitching control mechanism. You can adjust the speed of the stitching as per your need. If you are sewing on nylon fabric then you can adjust it for minimum and if you are sewing on tough fabric then you can maximize its speed.

Janome 16000p does not have a static speed mechanism in which you can not adjust the speed of the stitching which reduces the quality of the stitching. Therefore, If you want to make your sewing or quilting project more professional then you should use this machine for your projects.


One more interesting thing with this sewing machine is this that you will get plenty of accessories if you buy this machine. If you buy an automatic sewing machine, you did not usually get not more than a few accessories. But with this Janome machine, you will get plenty of useful sewing machine accessories.

If we see the second aspect of this, it also saves your money. The optional accessories you are getting with this machine-like – 1/4 Inch Seam FootAdjustable, Adjustable Zipper Foot, Bobbin (metal), Darning Foot with Plate, Needles and Bobbin (metal) etc.


Company is giving a different warranty to the customer of different countries. The company did not reveal the exact warranty of the sewing machine. This may be a little annoying for you. But being a reputed company this company can not do anything that is not beneficial for its customer.

I have also tried to find the warranty for this company on amazon website but I was unable to find it. You will know about its warranty while you buy it. However, we can assume from my past experience with this company that the company would be giving 25 years of the limited warranty.

Value For Money

As far as its affordability is concerned, this machine is totally value for money. The features of this sewing machine are totally worthy for this price segment of sewing machines. When we buy a sewing machine for beginner or for home use, we always want an economic machine with amazing features.

Apart from that, this Janome sewing machine has all the features of a good and genuine machine. If you see similar features and specification in other company’s machine, you will see that they have a much higher price. We will recommend you to buy this machine because if you are a beginner or home user. Because you will not find such simplicity and professional like features in other machines in the same segment.


In the end, I have explained all the attributes and characteristics of the Janome 1600p sewing machine. After analysing and evaluating its feature and specification, we can say that this machine is a good entry-level machine. People who are learning sewing or who are beginners in sewing profession, they should consider this Janome sewing machine for them.

The price of this machine is also economic as compared to other entry-level sewing machines. The company also giving a lot of accessories with it which is also a good thing. You do not need to buy small pieces of stuff of the machines separately. Therefore, this machine is a complete combination of a good entry-level machine which is perfect for your home and shop.


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