Janome 8002D Serger Review

Janome 8002D Serger is a sewing machine with lots of features and capabilities like overlock stitching. This is a machine for professionals and anyone can afford it.

Janome 8002D Serger

As by its name above this is a serger with all features of a sewing machine. Users can use it in the best way as it is very easy to use. Janome 8002D is very durable and user friendly and will serve you worth for its price. 

With all the features of a sewing machine 8002D has the trust of the Brand; Janome Which is known for technology innovation in sewing machines.

This Janome 8002D is a unique model with which could work as a serger and the Best thing about this model is it comes at a very affordable price.

Janome 8002D Serger Review

Basic Features:

  • Adjustable cutting width 
  • Stitch speed – 1300 per minute
  • Easy to use
  • Long durability and low maintenance
  • Affordable.

Key Features:

  • Sewing and feed control is very good. You can make feed adjustments very easily. It runs very smoothly on all kind of fabrics below 2.5mm range.
  • Janome 8002D provides 3-4 thread stitching competence. You also can adjust the cutting width between 3.1mm to 7.3mm. It requires fewer footprints.
  • 8002D serger is a user-friendly sewing machine. As a beginner you may take some time to be friendly with it, there will be a DVD for the initial instructions. 
  • The DVD has all instructions like unwrapping, working with different fabrics, etc. It will hardly take 2 hours to be friendly with.
  • The machine has a colour coated threading chart for the beginners to thread properly.

The Tension Dial:

This key feature of 8002D allows users to have equal tension between the top and bottom threads.

This is a very important feature, You call it like preventing looping while threading.  

The Serging:

There are very fewer machines that provide serging with sewing and Janome 8002D is one of them. It takes very little place to set down, sergers feels all comfortability. 

Different feeds were controlled by dials. Although this is a good machine for professionals and experienced servers Making the adjustment is very easy for new segers too. 

This machine is also teenagers friendly that the age group of 9-12 can use it too.

Model Features:

  • 15″×13.5″×14.5″ of dimensions
  • Weight – 17 pounds
  • One year service warranty from the authorized dealer
  • You will get screwdrivers, tweezers and set of the needle with the box
  • Overlock stitching capability – 3-4 convertible threads 
  • Built-in rolled hem
  • Chart for colour-coded threading. Easy to read the chart.

Fabrics Friendly:

Janome 8002D is supported by soft fabrics like natural fibres or cotton, linen wool. Good with fine fabrics like silk, taffeta, velvet.

It supports knits, synthetic, blends, rayon, polyester, and upholstered fabrics.

8002D is not for leather, suede, fur, reptile skin, canvas, plastic, rubber, and any other extra thick fabrics.

Maintenance Requires:

  • Maintenance depends on your use of the machine. 
  • Janome 8002D requires to clean race hook and feed dogs after every use. 
  • You can wipe the head only if needed.
  • Lubricate and servicing is required only when you feel to need.

Negative Points:

Lower Loop Threading – Many users have a complaint that it is a must to present when threading even in the lower looping. If they don’t, the thread may get broken down. 

It gets high tension while threading so the chances of broken-down get increase, you can adjust this if you were there but you can let it for even a minute.

Many users suggest going with youtube videos for better threading with it. Go with the user manual is a must.

Accessories :

You may feel limited with the accessories come this the machine. You will miss a case for needles, brush, and tweezers.


Some users say it the little noisy and clanky. Some said too hard to operate. Most of the users who have a complaint with this machine are about threading. Some found it difficult to thread. Some have problems with dropping stitches and


Janome 8002D is a good sewing and serger machine for professionals. For any difficulty, you will have to keep patience and should go through with complete user manual and instructions videos. Ones you got friendly, you will have a good working experience.


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