Janome HD3000 Review

If you are a lover of Janome brand that manufactures the Sewing Machine and you are planning to buy the Janome HD3000 sewing machine, this thorough review of Janome HD3000 will lend a hand to you for deciding if you should buy it or if not then look for other options. The sewing machine is reviewed keeping various factors in view which are central while taking into account a sewing machine.

Janome HD3000 Review

Janome HD3000 is a hard-wearing sewing machine that has come with a number of interesting features and also has been designed for durability.

Even though it is not a fancy machine that can give you tons of built-in stitches (but still it is a very good option for a heavy-duty sewing machine) and the other features which are fancy and are of no such use. The machine has a very sturdy and hard body of aluminium which will be staying with you for the coming years and many more.

 It is a superior version of the Janome HD1000 sewing machine that itself is an amazing sewing machine.

Specification of Janome HD3000:

The dimensions of this machine are: W 16 x H 11.4 x D 7.3 inches
The weight of this machine are: 18.8 lbs
Type of cover is Hard Cover
The Maximum Stitch Width is 6.5 mm
The Built-in Stitches are 21
Drop Feed is present Yes
Type of Needle Threader Built-In
 Area of work is W 6.5 x H 4.6 inches


  • Several sewing machines are being reviewed on this website and have found that Janome HD3000 is a good buy when you are deciding on buying heavy-duty sewing machines.
  • There are not so many high-quality machines which are available in the market which are and will be able to handle the heavy-duty work requirements but this particular model has the ability to do so with ease.
  • The sewing machine has a lot of attractive features which are best for a heavy-duty sewing machine but this is an old-fashioned sewing machine which is not computerized.
  • Some machines have those big dials for stitch selection and some other things too. However, some people will still prefer dials and stuff above the computerized controls which may be confusing to the people, especially for those who are not so aware of the most recent technology.
  • The sewing machine is having a solid metal frame which has longer durability and will offer stability too when you will be using this sewing machine.
  • The machine is quite heavy and has a weight of about 20 lbs and will remain stable even in the condition when the motor will be moving fast.
  • The Janome HD3000 machine has the 21 built-in stitches that are sufficient for home use. It incorporates a single style of the buttonhole. This machine also has Free Arm which is suitable for making cuffs & sleeves without any issues.
  • The plan of the sewing machine is something that you will love most about Janome HD3000. It has very large space (which includes chamber and compartment) and will store stuff like the needles, extra feet, etc. which will help you manage the micro accessories very easily.
  • The sewing machine has the features which are appropriate for basic users as well. So if you are a new user and you want to invest once to get the Janome HD3000 sewing machine and begin the learning process for how to sew using this sewing machine only, go for it!
  • It has a Built-in Needle Threader, an Easy bobbin winding system and one built-in thread cutter too. You don’t require a scissor to cut the thread every point of time.
  • The other attractive thing about the Janome HD3000 machine is that it has a transparent bobbin plate which helps you monitor the supply of the thread through the bobbin. You can then calculate how elongated the thread supply is how long it will last.
  • For such a heavy-duty sewing machine, it is necessary for you to know about the power as they are created to handle heavy-duty tasks.
  • Janome HD3000 machine has a 1.0 amp motor which has the capability of sewing all the way through several layers of fabric. It can be used for sewing materials like canvas, denim (layers of denim) very easily.
  • The machine has a Hard Cover so that you can keep the sewing machine safe from the dirt and the dust which can sometimes become the reason for the malfunctioning of the sewing machine.
  • Leaving this aside, the hardcover of the machine will make it easy for you to take the sewing machine to different places easily.


  •  It has 21 built-in stitches.
  • It has a single Step Buttonhole.
  • It also has the feature of Reverse Stitching.
  • The stitch width is 6.5 mm.
  • It has a built-in needle threader.
  • There is a Built-in thread cutter also.
  • The bobbin winding is very easy.
  • It has a Free Arm feature.
  • The stitch length is 4.0 mm.
  • It has a Metallic Body which is Sturdy.


  • Number 1: It has 7 feets
    • Number 2: The stitch foot is Blind hem.
    • Number 3: There is a Zipper foot.
    • Number 4: Overedge foot.
    • Number 5: Rolled hem foot.
    • Number 6: Buttonhole foot.
    • Number 7: Zig-Zag foot.
    • Number 8: Sewing foot.
  • Number 9: Seam Ripper.
  • Number 10: There is a Hard Machine Cover.
  • Number 11: Extra Needles.
  • Number 12: Bobbins.
  • Number 13: Instruction Manual.

Comparison of Janome HD3000 with Other Heavy-duty Sewing Machines

Janome HD3000 is a great sewing machine to buy if you have a mid-range budget. This particular sewing machine would be a little costly than the other options available like the Singer 4432, Brother ST371HD machine, etc but the machine is worth spending the money.

It is a long-lasting sewing machine with a good metallic frame and will be staying with you for a number of years and many more to come. This machine is a Mechanical sewing machine which has all the rotatory dials which might be old-fashioned for some people if we compare it to the computerized sewing machines.

But these computerized sewing machines are compound, and not so easy in operation as the Mechanical sewing machine like the Janome HD3000.

This sewing machine can create about 850 stitches per minute which is very good, still not the BEST. There is a reverse sewing feature to which will reinforce the stitches for heavy material and for those which needs to be stitched more tightly.


  • It has a Metal Frame which gives durability & stability.
  • It has more speed.
  • It is a heavy duty sewing machine which can sew thick material.


  • It is costly.

Why Trust Janome?

When we are talking about the Sewing Machine, there are some few good creators and manufacturers in the world and the Janome is one of the leading producers among them.

Janome company has created a number of great sewing machines depending upon the requirement of the users. They have a great and huge range of sewing machines which are specially created for the new users and also for the experts.

Janome is a very famous brand for these Heavy Duty & Industrial sewing machines and has many great models which will cater to the needs of the people.

There are some very good high-end sewing machines models like the Janome Memory Craft 6300P and the Janome Memory Craft 8200 QCP that may be able to meet with the requirement for heavy use in the industries.

The company was created in 1921 and since then it has recognized itself and has gained a name as one of the most sought sewing machine makers.

The company not only makes the good heavy duty sewing machines but also a number of models for beginner sewists as well. For instance Janome 2212.


If you are finding a machine for long-term investment, Janome HD3000 is a great choice. Even though it is a little expensive than the other similar sewing machines but it is worth the money you will be paying to get it.

It is a great sewing machine for home as it can handle all those heavy-duty tasks like sewing the several layers of denim or materials like canvas.

So, in the end, it will be justified if we say that it is a great machine and you should try using his out once. Since it is one of the leading brands so it won’t be compromising with the quality and also is suitable for other heavy uses and home use.

The above article will be helping you to know how the machine is suitable and what is its features. As in it has great features and you will love it when you buy it once. But still, if you have issues you can go for the other available options anytime.


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