Janome New Home 720 Review

A full-sized sewing machine for the mature ones with all the necessary features is what Janome has brought to us in the form of New Home 720 sewing machine. This one does not cost a bomb yet it offers you almost all the premium features of a luxury sewing machine.

The machine is computerized and technologically advanced, so this is a great choice for anyone who is passionate about sewing and wishes to reach the professional level. However, do not be fooled by the word professional, as this is so good for a beginner. What we mean is, this machine will help a beginner to reach the professional level with effort and time.

Janome New Home 720 Review

Janome New Home 720 Review

The design of the machine can be said to be completely intuitive. This is the best way for beginners to learn things as they will understand and practice the different features on their own. This is a lightweight machine so it is perfectly convenient to move it from one place to another. If you are planning to move to a new place or taking this machine to the dorm next semester, you can do that effortlessly.

Special Features of Janome New Home 720

There are several different features which need some explanation:

  • This one comes with ¾ size of a full-sized machine. The compact size makes this much portable an item.
  • This one comes with excellent consumer ratings. Almost all the users are happy with this outstanding machine and will happily refer this to their friends and colleagues.
  • This is a good machine for beginners. Also, the quilters will find it most suitable. Travelling with this machine is easy so the quilters may take this advantage and carry it with them anywhere.
  • There is little space between the needle and the throat which can make some users uncomfortable. Also, this is not a great thing for the quilters.
  • This is a machine with much strength and you can sew several layers of fabric with this machine. It can even sew the thick layers of fabrics effortlessly. It can even run smoothly on denim and canvas, which are supposed to be the thickest of the fabrics.
  • The interface is much easy for the users, so you can select the stitch accordingly without much fuss.
  • The unit works peacefully and does not make much sound. So if you are a mother of a newborn, then you can sew as much as you wish when the baby will be sleeping peacefully at the other room. It surely will not wake him up in the middle of a nap.
  • The Janome 720 is not actually a pricey sewing machine. Keeping all the features in mind, you will find it rather moderately priced, though a few of the users complain about this.
  • There are 20 stitching options in this machine which are always a great boon to the novice seamstress. You can manage any kind of design or project with the help of so many inbuilt stitches.
  • There are 2 one-step buttonholes which help to sew the buttons with style.
  • The white LED lamp is there to provide you with ample light if you are working in a not –so-lit room. This is a feature which comes handy for many. You can see the detailed work and your eyes will not be strained too much.
  • The declutch bobbin winder helps you to simply put the thread and start the work. The thread is to be placed in the slit of the bobbin winder and the foot controller will wind the bobbin with a press. The bobbin winding will be finished automatically by the machine and there will be no mistakes in the process, even by the beginners.
  • The built-in needle threader makes the threading simple and easy task. You do not need to waste much time for needle threading or pain your eyes.
  • The manual thread tension control helps to easily control the thread tension. The dial conveniently is placed at the front of the machine.
  • The start and the stop button can be used to conveniently start or stop the machine.
  • The speed control slider is there to control the speed of sewing. It will make the machine slow or fast at per your convenience when you will use the slider.
  • There is electronic foot control in the Janome New Home 720 machine which is a high-quality device and makes the sewing machine outstanding in performance.
  • As this machine comes with a free arm, sewing around the pant legs or sleeves and other tubular projects will be easy.
  • There is a fold-down carrying handle to carry this machine anywhere. This is a lightweight one so the carrying is much easy.
  • The drop feed lever helps to lower the feed dogs and the free motion sewing is possible.
  • The hardcover that is available with the package keeps the machine protected from dust and weathering. The hard resin case is built especially for the machine to keep it safe.


  • Needle up-down button
  • Compact lightweight body
  • Horizontal spool pin
  • Horizontal rotary hook
  • Skeleton body construction
  • Scroll selection keys
  • Stitch tension adjustment


  • High price
  • Not the best machine for quilting


The machine is loved and appreciated by most of the users. This is portable and thus is much easy to move. This is not a full-sized machine as we have already mentioned in our review, so the buyer should be sure before buying this machine. Otherwise, it is a pretty good sewing machine and is sufficient to do the home sewing as well as small projects.


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