Juki MO644D Portable Serger Reviews

Juki M0644D is a good sewing and serger machine for newcomers. This is a portable serger machine that has many advanced features for stitching.

Juki M0644D

Juki MO644D is the faster sewing machine in its category. It comes with a variety of accessories to make your project easier and smoother.

The dimensions of this machine are 10.6″×13.4″×11.6″. It provides the speed of 1500 stitches per minute and threads 2-3-4. This is a colour-coded machine with an LED light facility.

Juki MO644D Portable Serger Reviews

Stitching Features

MO644D has a 2-3-4 system and automatically rolled the hem system. Rolled hems provide the professional touch in the finished product.

Many Options for stitches – 

  • 3 Thread flatlock
  • 3 Thread overlock
  • 3 Thread narrow overlook
  • 4 Thread overlock
  • 2 Thread overcast
  • 3 Thread Rolled hem
  • 2 Thread Rolled hem.

MO664D also has advanced options for beading, blind stitching piping cording, and adding elastic.

Key Points

  • Rolled Hemming – This is a good feature especially for beginners. It makes easier the complex designing and provides casual attire which is good for a beginner to be a professional.  And, for professionals this is a time-saving feature, they can elaborate their sewing creativity.
  • Higher stitching speed of 1500/minute. Highest speed among all other sewing machines.
  • Multi-Purpose Presser Foot. This feature allows users to install sequins, elastic, tap, etc. In the project.
  • Customization and adjustable facility. Tension is adjustable to make the thread according to the speed of the machine. Speed is also adjustable to have different kinds of fashion styles. Fabric width is also adjustable.
  • Robust Knife – To cut any type of fabric or material. This is a kind of knife technology which cuts all kind of fabric consistently. 


  • Treads Neta
  • Tweezers
  • Tread looper 
  • LED bulb
  • Vinyl cover
  • Foot controller
  • Screwdriver
  • Spool caps
  • Oiler


  • Users compared MO644D with Brother 1034D and found it more productive. Juki MO644D provides better stitches and quieter. It also has a better-rolled hem. 
  • The services of this MO644D is lasting. Maintenance is easy you can use it for a long time. User manuals and instructions are so visual with pictures that make it so easy to operate.
  • Most of all it has the trust of Juki. This is a pre-threaded machine, youtube instructions videos make it very easy to add cons spools.
  • MO644D is a heavy-duty serger and better for long project works.
  • Many users complain that in the initial stage it runs smoothly but after two or three months they got problems like the stitches don’t hold the setting, the tension is good only in 2″ and further the threads start getting very loose.
  • Some got bad experiences with the sellers. Some have a problem with the lower looper. Some said it is good with little initial difficulty.


Initially, it might be tough if you are a new serger but there are tools like tweezers to help you out. The best thing with this Juki serger MO664D is that it is very easy to handle, very flexible features, and good for homemakers.

Threading with the tower would be tricky sometimes when it keeps moving the tower while threading. Here you will need to give some time to yourself to get friendly with.

There are perfect user manual and youtube videos to get help with. For experienced sergers, this machine is very smooth going. It comes at so affordable price.

Overall MO664D  is a good sewing and serger machine to have. Better than other available machines.


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