How to Make Your Own Clothes?

One of the fundamental reasons sewists go to this energizing and compensating side interest is that they need to figure out how to make garments. At the point when you figure out how to make your own garments, you have the sort of authority over your closet and style that nobody else does.

Here in this blog, we will teach some patterns and examples for making your own clothes. You could without much of a stretch figure out how to make garments to fill your whole closet with these exquisite thoughts.

Be that as it may, where will you start? Fortunate for you, this article has chosen to gather together the entirety of our how to make apparel designs into one heavenly list.

How to Make Your Own Clothes

Regardless of whether you need designs for making your very own garments, need to realize how to sew garments for yourself and skirts for you, or even need some pants and shirts for your man, we have the free sewing examples you have been searching out!

How to Make Your Own Home Clothes

Look down to discover several accumulations and instructional exercises that will guarantee that creating your own garments is simple, fun, and accompanies astonishing outcomes.

1. Sewing Machine

First of all, you will require a sewing machine which you can check our review of best sewing machines. It is conceivable to make garments by hand sewing however who possesses the energy for that. John Lewis has some splendid models and this truly pastel pink machine is under £100 and an awesome fundamental starter sewing machine. On the off chance that you’ve at any point been into their haberdashery division, you’ll additionally realize they are consistently close by with dazzling agreeable prepared staff for guidance. That is the place I purchased my machine around 20 years back and it’s as yet going solid. If you are beginner then you can check this.

Presently on the off chance that you have never utilized a sewing machine don’t fear, it is a lot simpler than you might suspect regularly all you need is somebody to give you how or a bobbin instructional exercise.

2. Sewing patterns

I recommend you start with a too straightforward sewing design. I would suggest a portion of the more up to date increasingly present-day example brands (I’ve connected some beneath) out there as opposed to utilizing a vintage example or something found absolutely due to the astounding web journal sew-an aches and bit by bit instructional exercises you’ll have the option to access to go with them.

It truly helps when you haven’t read an example previously and have no clue what serging is for instance. (It’s a crisscross line method for completing creases) and these example brands accompany a glossary don’t as well stress.

Most examples come as PDF downloads, you should simply print them out at home and gather them. This can be very tedious however I simply daydream and do mine before streaming. It means you can’t demolish it as you can generally print it out once more.

The online #sewist network is additionally stunning and you’ll generally have the option to locate an agreeable individual to address any inquiries you may have.

3. Cloth Texture

Cloth Texture shopping has gotten somewhat of an indulgence for me of late and you’ll before long get dependent.

I’ve recorded my present top choices here yet there truly are bunches of splendid sources out there eBay and your nearby philanthropy shop can be a minimal effort start to your first sewing venture. I’ve even made dresses out of old duvet covers and have an old Cath Kidston one hanging tight for its turn.

4. Magazines to look for

Carry on to read down some of these magazines and books. I love to flip among magazine and books. I’d profoundly suggest Stretch by Tilly Walness and the new Named Clothing book         

  • Prima Makes
  • Simply Sewing – this one has a great sets free pattern.
  • Peppermint Magazine
  • Suzy Magazine
  • Mollie Makes
  • Tilly and The Buttons blog + all of her books
  • Breaking the Pattern – Named Clothing’s new book

There are some patterns you can relate to

At the point when you are making your very own garments, these are a portion of the primary free sewing examples you are going to need to look at!

Shirt Sewing

We’re beginning from the top (actually) with this gigantic rundown of how to make garments instructional exercises. While DIY dress examples are a good time for unique events or even every-day wear, at times you simply need to wear isolates.

This rundown of our preferred shirt sewing accumulations contains everything from DIY hoodies for fall and winter to comfortable and sleek tank tops and tees from the hotter climate.

  • The most effortless sort of top to make is a toss over sew top without buttons or pockets.
  • The general request that you need to sew a shirt (or a coat) is: interfacing, the molding shoulders, zippers or buttons openings, shoulder creases, side creases, neck and front edge, armhole, sleeves, fix.


Notwithstanding making your very own garments with a shirt and top examples, you are going to need to figure out how to sew bottoms, as well! From summer shorts designs that are ideal for the sweltering climate to approaches to sew and take in pants, these DIY base examples are your answer for planning chic and style forward shorts, pants and jeans

  • The general request that you sew a couple of pants (or different pants) is: pockets, side, front, and back creases, zipper or shutting strategy, belt, trim.


There’s nothing as exquisite as a perfectly fitted dress that makes you feel as certain as you look. Free skirt examples and examples for sewing dresses are a portion of our most famous sewing designs.

Our per-users can’t get enough of figuring out how to make garments that are female and extravagant.

  • There are bunches of various sorts of skirts to browse: a-line skirts, circle skirt, flared skirt, gathered skirt, maxi and small scale skirts, pencil skirt, creased skirt and the rundown goes on. You’ll have to choose which skirt you need to attempt out.
  • The most fundamental skirt that you can make is a tube skirt, which requires a flexible band and the texture (a stretchy kind is great). You can make this in about an hour and they are fun, agreeable and simple to wear.
  • The general request that you sew a skirt in is: side, front, and back creases, zipper or shutting technique, belt, sew.

Hence these are few sewing patterns you can look forward to trying out first and start sewing them with cutting designs and I know there are some failures initially but after some practising, you will surely become a professional sewist. Even when I had made my first design pattern it was a hell of a disaster however after some efforts I had overcome this issue

I truly trust this post has propelled you to have a go at sewing your own garments and do remark beneath on the off chance that you have any inquiries or might want me to include anything in another post. Most importantly recall sewing isn’t something you can surge, appreciate it and you’re doing this just because and you’re just human. So, at last, don’t lose your tempo and you will surely have success.

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