NEX Portable Sewing Machine Review

If you are working in a school and wish to teach your little students how to sew for the first time, you need a simple machine which will be easily operated. Also, there will be a question of safety as the kids will be handling the machine on their own. They must also be able to grip the sewing machine and operate it with their small fingers. Keeping all these factors in mind, NEX has come up with the modern portable sewing machine which is just perfect for this purpose.

It is natural for the kids to get their fingers cut or face the difficulty in holding the big regular sized sewing machine. This is the reason that NEX has scaled down the normal sewing machine to make it handy for the young ones. The utilities are also simplified by the manufacturer so the kids love the fun time they spend sewing different items as per their ability.

NEX Portable Sewing Machine Review

NEX Portable Sewing Machine Review

This is a compact sewing machine with many features that can be found only in any full-fledged sewing machine. There are certain specific features like portability and it is also space-saving. 

NEX Special Features

Now we will discuss the features in detail:

  • This is the best sewing machine for beginners.
  • There are features to change the speed as per required. So this feature ensures safety. Although there are two different speeds for sewing, it is not easy for the kids to sew in high speed.
  • The built-in bobbin winder is really helpful and convenient.
  • There is a thread cutter also, which will help you to cut the thread when your stitching is done. No need to use a separate pair of scissors.
  • There is no reverse action, only you can use the foot pedal or button to sew the fabric.
  • When you are trying to sew with this machine, make sure that the direction of the needle is perfect. Also, you need to take care of the winding, which must be fluent.
  • This is a lightweight machine which makes it a favourite with the kids.
  • This is portable too. It is also space-saving so you can store it easily at any corner of your house.
  • If the sewing needs to be done in less light, to help you out there is a light bulb which works for space illumination. The built-in LED light helps you to see the workstation clearly and it will also help you to prevent injuries. With the powerful emission of light, you can easily see the needle’s position and thread it.
  • This machine is not good for sewing thick layer of fabrics. If you try to sew multiple layers of thin fabric it will work smoothly. As it is a beginner’s machine, this will not be much of the problem, as beginners are not supposed to sew thick layers of clothes.
  • The safety cover around the needle area is a great addition. This place will not let your child’s finger stuck by the needle.
  • You can sew with DC 6V or battery with a foot pedal.  There are two power options. It can work either by battery or electricity. A power adapter comes included with this packet so you can use it with electricity.  Supply of battery should be arranged by you though.
  • Remember that you cannot put the battery into it and then plug it to the power source. You can damage the unit by doing so. However, this is a great feature for this sewing machine. You can shift the machine at any comfortable location depending upon your kid’s mood.
  • This is a multi-purpose sewing machine which comes equipped with 12 built-in stitches. The variety of stitches will help you to make the designs easily on the home linen as well as dresses. Crafting, quilting and clothing can be done easily with this machine.
  • As it also can work with basic stitches, the altering of dresses can be done easily with this machine. The package comes equipped with all the necessary accessories like 4 thread spools, 1 DC power supply, 1 needle threader and 1-foot pedal.
  • There are lots of accessories available with this package, like 4 needles,
  • The instruction manual is quite detailed. You need to be patient and spend some time to go through it. It will help you to understand the working process and will lessen the chance of mishandling this cute sewing machine.
  • The operation video is also available which will help you to understand the working process. Though this is a sewing machine for kids, they cannot use it on their own, not at the beginning. Adult guidance is required to start a sewing lesson in this machine.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to handle
  • Foot pedal
  • Button options
  • Battery and cord
  • Two different sewing speeds
  • Top drop bobbin
  • Auto winding system
  • LED light


  • No reverse function
  • Cannot sew thick material


The NEX portable sewing machine is not perfect but it is really great thing for the beginners. The size and simple features make it a kid-friendly sewing machine.  It has got all the necessary features and yet it is portable and lightweight. All these criteria make this a good choice for young seamstresses.


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