Reliable 2000u-33 Review

A versatile sewing machine with unlimited features, that is what offered by the brand Reliable, in the form of the 200u-33 sewing machine. This is equally useful for the boat owners, hobbyists or business owners. This is a long-lasting one and is portable too. Due to so many attractive features, it has become a favourite among the users.

It is smart and can be used for various smart inputs. Though it is not a high-end sewing machine, the stitches that it produces can match the quality of industrial level sewing machines. The famous zigzag style stitches can be produced by this sewing machine. It works fast and offers fast completion of your sewing projects. The regular features are available in this machine as well as unique features like oscillating hook shuttle, piping feet or reverse lever.

Reliable 2000u-33 Review

Features of Reliable 2000u-33

  • The heavy-duty handle is one of the nicest features of this machine. This handle makes the sewing machine easy to carry. A 2000u-33 machine is a single unit and it is many portable thanks to the useful handle. The handle is strongly attached and also helps you to unpack the machine when you first receive it.
  • The machine comes equipped with various accessories. The tools are complementary, and make your sewing lesson more interesting. Needle, bobbins, screwdrivers, foot controller and instruction book make the package complete. You will get everything when you will buy the Reliable 2000u-33 Barracuda sewing machine, so no need to buy anything separately. Even if you break the needle and need to change it, no need to look elsewhere, you will get it in the accessory kit itself.
  • The machine is full of so much potential, but it does not take up much space. This is a great thing for a sewing machine as we need to keep it somewhere inside our home. However, it does not compromise with the features.
  • The best quality top and bottom feeding are provided by this machine. Even stitches are the result of these feedings and thus you get attractive looking fabrics after stitching is done. Rough, thick and even worn clothes can be stitched nicely with this feeding process.
  • The extension table is another nice part of this sewing machine. When you need a large working area you can get it from this sewing machine and so the space crunch will not bother you anymore. An extension table is available now with the Reliable Barracuda sewing machine. No need to worry anymore about the large piece of fabric, as you can keep that rested on the extension table while sewing a corner of it. The extra space that is provided by this table makes the job of sewing much easy and less fussy.
  • The inbuilt reducer fitted into this machine is ready to offer additional power for tough stitching. The intensity of the gritty stitches can be gained from the reducer so now you will be able to stitch the thick fabric quite comfortably. In a time of stitching light fabric, you can choose not to use the reducer and thus the stitching will be done smoothly.
  • The sewing machine is outfitted with pulleys and toothed belts. This system allows you to sew heavy fabric and that does not slip away. Also, there is less chance of thread jams.
  • Several types of pressure feet are also available with this sewing machine. There is walking foot in this machine which is used for managing the sewing operation more effortlessly. If you get a balance wheel along with this machine then the factory clutch work will get improved and overall user experience will also get better.
  • There is a spring-loaded reverse in this machine. The seams can be reinforced by simply pushing down the reverse lever. Not only that, but it also comes equipped with oscillating shuttle hook and that works perfectly for the neat sewing projects.
  • There is 3 years limited warranty on this product, which ensures that you do not feel cheated after getting a new machine.
  • The machine comes up with the ability to stitch up to 8 levels of Sunbrella plus. There is 1/4inch clearance under the foot which allows the machine to sew up to 10 or more layers of thick fabric like canvases. Top of the line boats material like Sunbrealla can be easily sewn by this machine.
  • There is a stitch width adjustment lever which allows modifying the width and length of the stitches.
  • You can sew any material with this machine. From denim to the soft leather, it will work on every kind of fabric with ease. The smooth foot that is in the machine will allow you to sew the leather and not let it scratch with the standard ribbed walking foot.
  • If you use the spring-loaded walking pressure foot then the clutch mechanism will not be able to overcome the mechanical resistance. So be aware of this and rotate the clutch washer 180 degrees.
  • The foot controller is not much strong. In fact, a few users have complained that it is pretty flimsy. It needs to be more stable to match the working capacity of such a good sewing machine.


  • All metal construction
  • Per inch 4 stitches
  • Speed reducer
  • Presser foot lift
  • Toothed belt and pulley
  • Individually tested machine
  • Reverse lever
  • Good torque and penetration
  • Hook type oscillating shuttle
  • Industrial quality sewing
  • High sewing speed
  • Extension table
  • Accessory kit


  • Flimsy foot controller
  • No balance wheel


This Reliable Barracuda 2000u-33 sewing machine is ready to meet the need of all type of users. The gentleness that it works with blends the strength and gentleness, making the stitches secure and long-lasting. Setting the machine does not need more than a few minutes. It is not a complicated machine at all and even the beginners can understand the working process by following the instruction.

The machine has been tested for its features, longevity and user-friendliness and it has been wisely chosen as one of the best sewing machines available in the market.


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