Review: Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother SE400 is a stunning sewing engine with numerous main characteristics in it. It is a Computerized sewing and embroidery device.

Brother Se400 and Se425 are knitting and embroidery devices in conjunction. They are computerized so that you can drop into a sketch and the device moves a portico physically, like a plotter, to incorporate your design into the fabric. Computerization is not restricted to embroidery as there are already built-in stitches for use, such as buttonhole stitching by pressing a button. Brother is well known for creating simple to use and secure sewing machines.

Review Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother SE400 has a bordering area of 4X4, which allows you to play around with your fabric while sewing. It is a broad region of embroidery that is a wonderful thing to experience in an embroidery machine.


  • Brother SE400 Besides, the extremely shiny color incorporated in the LEDs helps to sew, even when the image is dull and faint. This glow is obviously noticeable to you in poorly equipped parts on the sewing machine.
  • This sewing machine is supplied with a simple spinning function that enables you to build the sewing machine and get your initiative underway. The sewing machine has made things so simple.
  • The LED touchscreen allows Brother SE400 an excellent sewing machine because it shows all the present configurations. The push button adjoining to the LCD screen allows you to choose the stitch of your decision or the layout of the embroidery.
  • This is a computerized model with integrated embroidery models, which allows you to rapidly select your models and fulfill complicated assignments. One thing I love completely is that you don’t just have to stick to embroidery pattern, you can make thing up as you go along
  • You can buy thousands of distinct models integrated into and instantly download them to SE400. These products are affordable and are bought on a pay-per-design basis only for Brother consumers.


  • The LCD Display is one of the standout features of this machine. This display is a delicate touch screen and is your base for all stitch and layout possibilities. Here are the points or patterns you choose and numerous further features.
  • On the LCD screen, you can select from 67 possibilities, enough to finish with the utmost accuracy the most sophisticated sewing designs. Many distinct patterns for knitting with 70 distinctive patterns are also offered to choose from. There are so many nice choices for almost every venture to be personalized. You can always submit the choice from iBroidery if something you want is lacking.
  • You might see your stitch-options with a tiny diagram of each stitch on the correct panel of the device. You can scroll through the models and choose one that best performs for your venture when selecting the brother models. Two models are displayed simultaneously, so the details of the layout can be seen on the display.


  • A maximum of 120 pairs of image patterns can be chosen.
  • You will be glad to understand that five distinct fonts are accessible if you are keen on monogramming. They are good to add that special personal feel to a present.
  • The size and duration of the line can be selected via the screen, and for anyone who wishes narrow stitches for sophisticated initiatives, there is a thread stress choice.
  • The entire LCD feature is incredibly easy to use. Most individuals will have no problems rapidly and easily discovering everything they need. The ease of the device will delight beginners.
  • You should try and start your plans as soon as feasible when sewing or embroidering. It’s not pleasant to prick your finger as you try to fill your needle. Fortunately, this system features an interactive instant needle threader. The configuration is quick, safe and simple. It also arrives with a very helpful manual thread cutter. Feet pop in and you can remove them and replace them within 5 seconds.
  • You are prepared to begin your venture within minutes with a top-level drop-in bobbin. Even a one-stroke pocket provides you with the ability to sew keys like the pro.


  • Computerized LCD enables switching between initiatives to be quick and simple.
  • Provides plenty of choices for stitch and layout.
  • Thread and start quickly and easily.
  • Covers 8 snap-on mounted presser feet.
  • Tutorials are offered via the LCD display.
  • Extra sewing features are added in the free shoulder layout.


  • Stitches are tedious to choose, with 12 displays (6 per site) to scan through.
  • The case Bobbin require regular cleaning because of the incorporated sensors.
  • There are really two disadvantages that need to be enumerated upon.
  • It was really quite easy to clean the bobbin case, however, with a manual sewing machine you don’t need to do it quite as much.
  • Shouldn’t be too much of a problem because it just doesn’t last long, but it’s worth mentioning since that is something you don’t want to miss.

The LCD display is excellent and the style printer is very helpful. However, a great deal of scrolling is needed to select the right stitches and designs.

It is very simple to embroider on this device. You mount your layout, load and press a key on your thread and bobbin. It stitches a color, then stops and tells you to switch to the next color before pressing the key. It is easy and the device is quite silent, approximately like a 3D printer.

This machine is very intuitive which is pretty amazing. It will sense if it runs out, so if you move back, or when something comes undone, it will halt by itself. Then you can restart and put the hiccup to rest or get It to stop, whatever analogy works best.


While it is a cheap sewing tool, it is the finest knitting and embroidery combination out there. The SE400 Brother offers all the sophisticated characteristics required for complicated initiatives while being simple to study and to experience for novices. You will be very glad about this device if you enjoy the concept of a device that can sew, embroider and monogram in one.


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