Singer 3323S Talent Sewing Machine Review

If you are searching a sewing machine that can serve you with efficiency and great features, then you can check the Singer talent 3323S sewing machine. It is an ideal purchase for beginners. The machine is great in terms of working ability. Now we will reveal to you why you should choose this sewing machine among other products.

If you are willing to experiment with different styles and stitches then you should not miss this opportunity. The Singer Talent 3323S machine is great for playing with different shapes and designs. It will give you the freedom to be more naturalistic and more creative with its great features. It is lightweight and portable but it is not light in its features.

Singer 3323S Talent Sewing Machine Review

The machine has all the essential features and you can get all these features at an affordable price. Singer has attributed all the great characteristics to this machine and thus you will get a great user-friendly machine for sewing purpose.


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It is pretty much versatile and that is why you will like it more than its contemporaries. The brand is a renowned one in the field of sewing machines and thus you can trust it with its ability to do the sewing job. This is a consistent machine and it will always serve you best. You can also choose few affordable sewing machine that cost less than 200 USD.

Features of Singer 3323S Talent Sewing Machine:

  • This is a fully mechanical machine and it does not have any touchpad. It does not come with any fancy digital buttons or LCD screen. Though this is a fully mechanical gadget, its magical touch will breathe life in your fabrics and make some wonderful clothing out of them. The machine switches from one stitch to another through a mechanical knob. As this is fully mechanical, people love this for its great potential.
  • This machine is adequate with its high presser foot lifter and automatic reverse with onboard storage. The machine is regarded highly by the users as the automatic buttonhole works perfectly for the beginners and modern seamstresses. The machine is a good purchase for these features. This machine has eliminated the threat of burning chips in the midway of the sewing project which is great advantage. You can also choose among Singer 4423 vs Singer 4432
  • The top drop-in bobbin helps you while sewing and there is an automatic needle threader which saves much time. If you try to put the thread in the needle manually it will take a few minutes, but the automatic needle threader saves you from the pain. The error-free set up lets you sew peacefully and without any hassle. The transparent bobbin threader lets you see the level of thread so you may know when you need to refill the thread.
  • The Singer 3323S sewing machine is not equipped with some modern features like enough inbuilt stitches, which are available in some advanced machines. But the 23 stitches that are available in this machine are basic and these are enough to finish an aesthetically beautiful project with precision. These stitches are properly set and thus you can use your imagination to create something beautiful with the help of these stitches. Most of the sewing tasks will be finished with the help of these stitches if you plan accordingly. So with the limited variety of stitches, you can create wonder and most of your sewing job will be done by this sewing machine.
  • Though there are limited varieties of stitches, you can customise the length and width of the stitches which are adjustable and you can modify them to get the precise effect. You can use permutation and combination of those 23 stitches in different length and width and for sure the outcome will be amazing.
  • You will get numerous accessories with this Singer sewing machine, there are arrays of accessories packed with this one too, which will come handy and you do not have to buy them separately, thus you will be saving a few bucks here.

Why the Singer 3323S Talent sewing machine is special:

This machine is not for commercial use and it is great for beginners. The home sewers can use it or the one who takes sewing as their hobby will feel great pleasure while using this one.

This machine is not for the professional experts as the variety of stitches are not available in this set and they will not be greatly enjoying the experience. This machine comes with a few limitations which may cause hurdle for the professionals. It is really good for the basic level sewing purposes and you can satisfactorily use this machine as a beginner of sewing classes.

  • One-step buttonhole – the buyers are not interested in buying some sewing machine which does not provide them with the feature of automatic buttonhole. The model of Singer is thus compatible with one-step buttonhole feature and that is a lovely addition from this reputed brand. A lot of time can be saved by this feature and users will be able to sew the button at the exact place where they will draw the right placement. This machine does not work with the 4 step buttonhole process and thus the users will love this machine for sure. The open-ended foot positions the button and it will help in indicating the right place where the button needs to be sewed.
  • Fully mechanical model– the model is completely mechanical. The mechanical knob will help in switching the stitches and the USP of the machine is that. You will not have to fear the burning chip while you are in the middle of the project. The model is a great combination of innovation and durability. Adding to the features the provision of adjusting the width and length of the stitches are great. The extra-high presser foot lifter helps the beginner to ease out the situation.
  • 23 built-in stitches – the wide variety of stitches will help you to create the amazing artefacts and thus this machine will help you a lot. The model of Singer has got 23 built-in stitches up to its sleeves (or footers) and this way you will be able to use the versatility of the machine in a proper way. Users can create amazing designs which will decorate the home as well as the professional clothing and this is the best way to use the great stitches. The stitches like zigzag stitches, stretch stitches, blind hem or rick rack, even feather stitches are done perfectly by this machines inbuilt stitch processes.
  • Multiple fashion accessories– there are multiple fashion accessories available with this model, like – darning and embroidery foot, the gathering foot, the even feet or walking foot and the side clutter etc. the accessories are helpful when you will use them to create fashion and decorative crafts will be created by the Singer 3323S sewing machine.
  • Easy setup- the machine is great for some more reasons, and another one of them is the easy setup. The Singer model is easily set up and thus the features allow you easy access to the functionalities. The set up is pretty easy and so is much time-saving. You can get the functions to work for you easily.  The top drop bobbin can be easily placed and used. Also, it helps to load the bobbin thread easily and no mess is created. The machine has automatic needle threading which is a great feature too. This process is discovered from the manual guide and it comes with the product as well. The bobbin has a clear cover and it allows the users to keep a watch on the thread.  The automatic features of the machine are a rare combination of utility and easiness so this is easily declared the highest selling product in the market.
  • Various accessories- this is the best part of the Singer machine. The huge bunch of accessories that come with the product is highly beneficial.  You will get multiple accessories like the standard ones as well as some modified and modern ones. The standard ones include general presser foot, bobbins, screwdriver, darning plate, edge or quilting guide, dust cover and instruction manual. The modern accessories are lint brush, spool holder and spool pin, button sewing foot and zipper foot etc. This model has got so many accessories that it will be a bonus for the users. The bonus fashion accessories are available only with this model and thus you will be getting more than what you are paying for.

What does the package contain:

The package of Singer 3323S comes with a great lot of accessories. Singer is famous for its accessories and with this sewing machine they did not differ. The package if this sewing machine has the Singer 3323S Talent sewing machine, the bobbins of class 15 and the needles. This is a great advantage for the buyers as they do not need to buy the needles separately for the machine. There is an all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot and zipper foot along with button sewing foot. You can sufficiently do all kind of homely sewing jobs with the help of this machine.

The seam ripper with lint brush is also available within the accessories and it is also perfect for the ones who will start their sewing career. The screwdriver is there to help you out when you need to open some screw of the machine or repair any part. The spool pin felt is also there as well as the edge or quilting guide. The soft-sided dust cover will keep the machine safe from the dust around it and thus protects the machine from the weather. The machine intro DVD will guide you with the utilities as well as you will be able to visually learn the technique to handle the machine.

The darning plate and the foot control help you manage the sewing job easily. There is an auxiliary spool pin which is beneficial for the users. The power cord helps you to connect the machine with the power source. There is an instruction manual with stitch guide so if you are a beginner it will help you to manage the stitches and use them accordingly.


  • The Singer 3323S Talent sewing machine has rich features and this is a great machine for the beginners.
  • This one is a mechanical machine and it is quite simple to handle, so the beginners will be able to handle it easily. As it is fully mechanical it will take less time to understand and utilize the features.
  • The machine is rich in features and it comes with the maximum number of accessories from Singer.
  • The storage for the feet is well designed and so you can safely place your feet. Also, your feet will be well-rested when you will be using this machine for long hours.
  • The instruction manual is well written and the intro DVD will also clarify the details of the machine handling, so there is no chance of misunderstanding the interpretation. Any beginner can simply go through the manual and the DVD to use the machine.


  • The Singer 3323S Talent sewing machine does not perform well on heavy-duty jobs, you cannot expect a professional level of sewing. It is a perfect machine for the ones who take up sewing as a hobby and do it for the home needs. But if you need a sewing machine for the professional task then it will not be a good choice.
  • According to some users, the foot pedal is lightweight and thus it is difficult to manage some time. When the user is using the foot pedal for days it seems to be less smooth than expected.
  • The machine is not very portable. The size of it is perfect but the weight is a little bit heavier than usual, so if you plan to take the machine to sewing class and back home then it will be a problem.


This is a great sewing machine and it has many commendable features. You can get this machine within a budget price as the price of the model is very reasonable. The 23 inbuilt stitch is a great option as it gives you the freedom to create fashionable crafts and clothing. The machine has got the automatic features and you can get the drop-in bobbin as well as the automatic threading in this sewing machine.


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The model is time-saving and it is great for the buyers who are looking for economic product. The bundle of fashion accessories that you can get with this product is also a great thing.  The standard and the fashion accessories are a bonus with this product. Those who love mechanical sewing machine will enjoy the product at a reasonable rate.


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