Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Review

Sewing is an activity of fastening or joining objects using stitches with the help of needle and thread. Initially, sewing was done by hand, later in the 19th century, the machine has been invented for sewing which is known as sewing machine. The sewing machine has greatly improved the clothing industry. Sewing machines have been improved tremendously over the years. Sewing machines are mainly classified into two types, home sewing machines and industrial sewing machines. Home sewing machines are designed to use by one person. Earlier there was only mechanical sewing machine available. Mechanical machines users need to do more actions manually.

Now, there are a wide variety of electronic sewing machines available which needs less manual effort. People can choose sewing machines according to their age. Sewing machines which are suitable for middle school children also available now. While choosing a sewing machine, people need to consider so many factors like cost, warranty , the weight of the machine etc. ‘Singer’ is a highly reputed company which provides good quality sewing machines. Singer 7258 is the highest-selling computerised sewing machine of the Singer brand.

Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Features

Basic specifications of the Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine are  as follows:

  • Dimensions – 14.5 * 7.5 * 12 inches
  • Weight –  6.6 kg  
  • Warranty – 25 years
  • Maximum sewing speed – 750  stitches per minute
  • Voltage – 120V

Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine has a list of incredible features due to which it has become popular all over the world.

  • Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine comes with 100 built-in stitches. Among these built-in stitches, there are basic utility stitches including zigzag, straight, stretch blind hemstitches. And it also includes quilting stitches, heirloom stitches and a number of decorative stitches.
  • This sewing machine is equipped with 10 snap-on presser feet and few of them are general-purpose, buttonhole, zipper, overcasting, gathering foot.
  • This machine comes with automatic needle threader, including built-in thread cutter. Hence threading becomes easy for beginners. And sewing speed is also adjustable.
  • Another important feature is, this machine is equipped with LED bulbs to light up the work area and a backlit LCD display.
  • This machine allows you to continue sewing even if users feet are not on the foot pedal. This feature is called ‘autopilot feature’. This is very much beneficiary for professional sewers.
  • This machine includes an automatic reverse button to sew in the reverse direction in order to prevent unravelling.
  • Singer 7258 stylist machine also includes 13 needle positions, automatic tension selection, built-in storage space for accessories, start/stop button etc.

Singer 7258 stylist Sewing Machine Advantages

  • Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine is easily portable because it is comparatively small in size with affordable cost.
  • Interior frame of the machine is made up of metal. Hence the machine is very strong and durable. Needle replacement is very easy.
  • LED light for work area and backlit LCD display makes sewing and quilting work easy and comfortable.
  • This machine is suitable for all level sewers. Easily understandable features and function, 100 built-in stitches are very useful for beginners. Next level sewers can explore much more and enhance their creativity using a variety of decorative stitches, quilting stitches etc.

Singer 7258 stylist Sewing Machine Disadvantages

  • In Singer 7258 sewing machine, the width of stitching is limited to 5mm
  • The pressure of the automatic pressure foot cannot be adjustable manually. This  makes users little uncomfortable., especially those who are new to use the computerised machine.
  • Another drawback is, the pedal is made up of plastic. The entire machine is made up of good quality materials except for plastic pedal. And it could have included a carrying case in-order to handle easily.

Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Review

Normally, every customer first expectation is machine should be easy to set up! Singer 7258 stylist effectively fulfils this requirement. An instruction manual and  DVD will be provided for the customer while buying this machine. Instructions are very simple and easy to follow.

Machine has LED light for work area and LCD backlit display, hence nothing to worry about the brightness of the light in the sewing room.

Beginners may feel very comfortable to use this machine due to a lot of in-built features like a needle threader, in-built stitches, quilting stitch functions, adjustable speed etc. This machine is the best choice for those who like to explore more in sewing and quilting because of the wide range of sewing and quilting options. It comes with 100 in-built switches, whereas 76 among them are decorative! Hence this machine very much suitable to make your designs more decorative. This machine is the best option to enhance your creativeness in sewing. Very clear bobbin cover makes loading easy. This machine functions as the best sewing machine with high durability.

Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine alternatives

  1. Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA: This model from Brother company is suitable for beginners. This is a lightweight machine with 155 built-in stitches. And has an easy needle threading system, drop-in bobbin system to ease the work. It is equipped with a backlit LCD screen and brightly lit work area.
  2. Janome 2212 sewing machine: This sewing machine is very simple and easy to understand. This can be very convenient to learn sewing as a hobby after retirement for women above age 40. And for those who need a machine to do only patchworks or simple stitches in less time, this machine is best. This has 12 in-built stitches and drops feed for free-motion stitching & quilting. It is extremely lightweight. But, this is not a completely automated machine. Hence, the user may need to do some manual tasks like threading.
  3. Janome 8077 sewing machine: Janome 8077 has enhanced features than Janome 2212. This machine has automatic threader and 30 in-built stitches so that it is suitable for high-level sewing. It is equipped with LED display and bobbin cover is transparent. This is also a lightweight machine and hence easy to shift. Since it is a computerised machine, doing the initial setup may be a little difficult for those who didn’t handle the computerised machine before.
  4. Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine: This is an upgraded version of singer 7258 sewing machine. Completely automated sewing machine with 600 inbuilt stitches. The amazing feature of this machine is, it has an electronic auto-pilot feature. So that, user can set it to guide the cloth and stitch by itself. It also has 13 one-step buttonhole styles. Therefore this machine is very helpful for experienced sewer’s who want to become more professional! But, this is heavier compared to another machine which affects portability.
  5. JUKI TL – 2000Qi sewing machine: This machine infuses old technology with a little modern touch and provides a unique sewing experience. This machine is based on Japanese sewing technology and the user can expect it to last for ages. The machine is not computerised, hence requires, manual works. Therefore, this machine is suitable for people who have experience working in a mechanical sewing machine. This machine will be convenient for people who are finding difficult to operate computerised machines and those who are experts & love to do manual work! This has LED lights facility and automated threading system. And this machine is best for quilting. The machine is not easily portable  because of heavyweight
  6. Brother project runway PC420PRW sewing machine: This is completely computerised sewing machine with a wide variety of stitches. This machine is designed for commercial application and is most suitable for people who are eager to meet perfection. It contains a multilingual LCD panel and in-built thread cutter. LED bulbs are there to light up the work area and have smooth fabric feeding. This is a lightweight machine which is very easy to use and highly efficient. Initial set-up may be difficult for those who are new to computerised machines. But, this is best for people who are looking forward to doing tailoring business!!

These are a couple of sewing machines. People must consider their physical and financial circumstances while choosing machines. The sewing machine you are going to buy must fulfil your expectations, hence carefully select your sewing machine. Happy sewing!!


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