Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine Review 2019

At the World’s Fair, this company won its first prize, showing the first working electric machine. It took place in 1910 in Paris. In addition, it is especially famous in the production of comfortable sewing machines and full of features. Especially, it is a reliable and reliable company.

Basic Info About The Company

The singer is an American company founded in Boston in 1851. By regularly launching its new models, it offers us all sorts of modern sewing machines.

Singer 9960 Quantum First Look

Even though Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is not to be counted among the small machines there, by the very first appearance it still looks strong and highly capable. This is a very professional machine.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Specifications of Singer 9960 Quantum

We know that its machine is not an easily portable one through Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 reviews. It weighs 28.2 pounds and you may feel like you need somebody to move it from one place to the next. The size is 17.2x 8.2x 12 centimetres. There is a top bobbin drop-in system.

This machine has a very humiliating range of 600 integrated stitches with 13 buttonholes automatically. Top speed is 850 stitches per minute of this computerized sewing machine.

Important Key Features

Abundance Of Stitches

While you are advanced, advanced, super-delayed, advanced or highly advanced, you can not yet indicate a single point that you need and that is not present in the machine. How many sewing machines are you able to select from 600 stitches?

There are also 13 one-step automatic buttonholes and 4 calligraphic style options. There’s a printed chart in the top deck that allows you to browse all the stitches at once, adding to the user’s comfort.

Automatic Needle Threader And A Thread Cutter

The most time-saving feature on this machine is this specific feature. What can be funnier than to squeeze eyes and try hard to get the film into the eye of the needle? The automatic needle threader only assists you in 6 seconds threading the entire machine. The eyes of the sewers certainly start to sparkle. It saves a great deal of effort.

Nor do you have to pick scissors because this machine offers an automatic thread cutter. This means that manufacturers have worked on this machine to save your maximum time and effort.

Electronic Autopilot And Speed Slider

This machine, known as the electronic autopilot, offers a user-friendly feature. This is especially for people who find the use of foot control uncomfortable. This feature is smart enough to read an error and also the area of an error.

This machine also has a speed slider that controls the maximum speed of the stitch. For those with little sewing experience, it is very helpful.

Digital Information Adviser

There’s an LCD display, but what’s the big thing about it? This price level is present in nearly all modern computerized machines. Most importantly, this computer, known as the digital information consultant, also has an additional function.

Their job is to help you choose the desired stitch and also the length and width. Besides this, during this particular phase of work, it will also suggest which press foot is the best for you.

One further feature is that the brightness of the LCD screen can be controlled in accordance with the conditions. A few LED lights are also available.

Advantages of Singer Quantum Stylist

The Quantum Singer Stylist 9960 is filled with advanced features, but they are all easily accessible. This is an easy-to-use device. All the information needed on the machine is very detailed.

User Friendliness

It is one of the most important fact to focus on. User-friendly. What does it take to bring a remarkable and costly machine full of functions, but it’s also too difficult to work on? You certainly do not need a headache or frustration during sewing. It’s a sort of work that is necessary to enjoy. This requires the machine to be easy to use.

Bright Sewing Area And Stitch Speed

The two LED lights which come with them are bright enough to make comfort. Bright Sewing area And Stitch Speed You don’t have any difficulties even under adverse lighting conditions because the area of work is quite bright. Imagine finishing with low light a sewing project. There’s no doubt that’s irritating. But all your work is visible in this sewing machine constantly.

You can watch your work closely and its structure is intended for the same purpose as well. Your neck won’t be much troubled.

This sewing machine is also sufficiently rapid. Even before your estimated time on this machine, you can complete your work. Above all, the speed can be adjusted easily.

Decent stitch quality

Now that’s a fundamental thing a buyer wants. Nobody ever complained about its quality of stitch because it is so elegant. It looks professional with its output. It never compromises the quality of the stitch even when working at its highest speed. Especially the stitch length and width are very accurate and consistent.

Moreover, this sewing machine is also a master of heavy products. Would you like to sew an uncle’s leather hat? This machine is certainly going to do it in much less time. Especially important, even at its best speed this machine does not make a high noise

Singer Quantum Stylist Cons

  • Can’t be saved your Own Patterns: Probably the worst thing with this sewing machine. This machine is not able to save your own patterns, and this is a significant limitation. This feature of self-saving patterns is so highly computerized and feature-rich. We hope that this issue will be solved by the company.
  • The limited work area of this machine: Yes, the work area is less. This particular drawback has a quilting effect. That’s why it is very difficult to make larger quilts on this machine. Besides, on this machine, you can’t add much bordering to your project.
  • This machine is not the best for you if you are among those who are mainly working on large-size quilts and also working on them with stickers.
  • Not suitable for beginners: yes, because it’s specially designed and constructed for mid-and advanced sewers. Although this machine is easy to use, its many features could still make the beginners feel overwhelmed.
  • It isn’t because it’s not the right beginner machine. Certainly, the only requirement is to adapt the instructions in the guidance manual appropriately and carefully.

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