Singer Confidence 7470 Quilter Review – Beginner Quilting Machine

Imagine 225 stitches, including fundamental, extend, alphanumeric and ornamental knot designs, in a given device? The singer has always been regarded as a brand that enables individuals to express themselves in imaginative, if somewhat unpredictable, ways.

Singer Confidence 7470 Quilter Review

According to the maker, this model is an “automatic sewing device which will be valued by skilled and seasoned sewers alike.”

Singer Confidence 7470 Quilter full Review

In other phrases, all people can meet their requirements irrespective of which type of embroidery activities they want to carry out and they will be well satisfied with this machine for at least a few years.

SINGER 7470 Confidence 225-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

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as of May 31, 2021 3:44 am

Bobbin System

The bobbin system is just as easy to drop and sew. Just bring your wound bobbin in its case, operate its bobbin thread via the manual, and the device immediately picks up your bobbin thread. Even the buttonhole sewing system is permanent and is a simple one-stage process. Length and breadth are also flexible, with each end being sewn in one position for perfectly structured buttonholes.

  • If you want to customize a certain size and breadth, optimum size and breadth configurations are automatically adjusted as quickly as you select the section.

Makeup and Build

SINGER Confidence 7470 sewing machine consists of a heavy-duty metal body with a few plastic components and components. Its estimated size are 17-1/5″x 12 1/2″x 8 “(Lx Wx D) weighing 16.5 pounds. 

User can easily build jacket pants, feet, etc. with sleeve extraction. Better yet, the work station seems to be well-lit with 2 StayBright LED lights that are long-lasting lights (100,000 hours) staying cool all the way irrespective of how long you are sewing.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen on the right hand of the SINGER 7470 provides simple stitch pattern visualization, including the stitch width and duration. Below the LCD screen is a range of stitch choice buttons, storage bank configuration for up to 20 title characters, or easy sentences. Six of the most common needles have one touch panel buttons.

When customers click a specific knot key, the ideal size and width configurations will be adapted automatically. The configuration can nevertheless be superseded depending on the specific size or breadth.


The SINGER 7470 is fitted with an instant and flexible accuracy thread stress mechanism to guarantee stable stitch performance when directly stitching in spite of how dense the material is. There seem to be 3 height configurations for the presser foot: down, up, and extra-up for dense fabrics. In addition, there are 13 needle locations to allow consumers to tailor, when zippers need to be inserted and topstitched.

  • The stitch size and breadth can also be adjusted. Optimum size and breadth configurations are instantly adapted as quickly as you select a stitch and even bypassed if you want to customize a certain size and breadth. When you tap with zigzag stitches to offer you a clean, smooth feel if you taper out or into a point, the stitch always will taper to the middle rather than to the right or left.

Other useful instant features of the 7470 are those for tacking and tie-off. Decorative stitches tie off with one click to reinforce the seams with upright needles from four tiny tapping stitches to avoid them from splitting.

  • As far as needles are involved, this design has an integrated paired button grip that allows for a decorative touch via two concurrent stitch lines, a configurable up and down option when it stops sewing.
  • 13 needle settings for inserting, cutting and cording in cloth (down position for needle if you are going to prevent pivoting, cutting and applying when you want to prevent sewing.

As far as the buttons are concerned, this design has an exclusive baseboard for sewing pads, which “slices” the fabric between the foot and lower plate to make sleek, smooth buttonholes on various fabrics.

Presser Foot

Another instant characteristic of the Singer Confidence 7470 is the pressure control of its presser foot in textiles against feed dogs, which allows you to cut light knitting and thick pieces of denim without the need to create an adjustment. When heavy fabrics of many pieces are under the pressure foot, the additional height of the lift on the pressing foot offers greater visibility.

Feed Mechanism

And also in the case of feed dogs, it is possible to reduce these by a handle for attachment of buttons, monograms and free movement of the cloth. The cabinet movement of these feed dogs guarantees an ideal feeding because both the foot and the fabric stay in full touch.


All in all a machine worth every penny you spend on it.

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