Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Review – Computerized Sewing Machine

Are you looking to buy a computerised sewing machine for your home or professional business? If yes then you have come to an exactly right place. Most of the people do not know, what are the characteristics they should see before buying a computerised sewing machine?. They bring the machine in their home which is not useful for them if we see their work requirement and often the spent much money.

In this article, I will tell you that what attributes should you check in a good computerised sewing machine along with the machine itself. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine is the best machine I have found from the tons of machine. After evaluating their functions, features, durability and affordability, the machine that is fulfilling all the requirement of a good computerised machine is Singer Quantum Stylist

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Review

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Full Review

Here, I will try to show you all the features and attributes of this Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist. All the point will tell you, why this machine is different from others and why this machine is ideal for your purpose.

Looks and Design – Nowadays, only features of the computerised machine is not a thing to consider before buying it. The first thing everybody sees in any product is its looks and design. So let’s check out the looks and design of this singer computerise machine. The dimension of this machine is (17.2 x 8.2 x 12) which means it is not so much portable but yes it is portable. Look of this machine seems extremely professional because of its LCD display and a big clothe holder around the stitching area. 

The logo of the singer company along with its product name is mentioned at to front of the machine. It also has lined graphics in it at the right bottom of the machine which is quite alluring.

LCD Display – Lcd screen plays an important role in computerised sewing machines. Computerised sewing machines have many functions in it so it is necessary to have a good bright display so to set and see the machine setting. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist also has a bright visible display which shows you stitches parameter, length and width of stitches. Therefore, you do not need to remember, in what setting you are currently working and what will be the next setting. You can see everything on the bright LCD Display.

Apart from that, it will also show you a warning signal if you use the wrong setting or using it improperly. So, it also protects your machine from using it incorrectly. Sometimes children and others, who do not know how to use this machine, use the machine for their work. In this situation, if they do not use it properly then they will get a signal on the LCD display.

Stitching Speed – If you are using a computerised sewing machine then you do not expect ordinary machines’ speed in it. Because the stitching speed of the computerised sewing machine must be high. Singer 9960 Quantum stylist gives amazing stitching of 850/min. It means whether you doing or sewing project of you are a professional sewing master, this machine will not displease you by its speed.

The important thing to consider in this machine is that in spite of having good speed, you can even adjust its maximum stitching speed according to your job. You are able to adjust its speed separately for any type of fabrics. You need a low stitching speed while doing detailed work on some specific area of the fabric. Similarly, some clothes needed faster-stitching speed. Therefore if you are using Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine then you can explore your sewing talent.

Inbuilt Lettering – This is an interesting feature of this Singer sewing machine that it has its own inbuilt lettering features. Which means that you can write alphabets on the surface of the fabric in a one go. You just need to give instruction to the machine and it will start stitching letter on the fabric.

If you are a student of sewing profession then you always need to do experiments to enhance your sewing talent. In this scenario, this machine is awesome for you. The sharpness and clarity of the stitched alphabets of this machine are perfect. There is no lag has been seen while checking these features of this singer computerised sewing machine.

One Step Button Hole – This machine is super multitasking computerise sewing machine. It allows you to save your precious time and build a perfect shape in your sewing world. This machine also has the feature of the one-step buttonhole in it. You can easily and hassle freely put button into your clothes. you can adjust the machine according to the buttonholes. Once you give instruction to the machine, just put the button into the buttonhole foot and it sews the buttons perfectly.

We have also checked its efficiency to sew the buttons because in many machines we found that they always stuck between the sewing process. But Singer 9960 Quantum stylist sewing machine has not inefficient and lag in its button sewing features. It can sew button from silk cloth to the hard denim-like clothes as well.

Built-in Stitches – This machine has tremendous 600 built-in stitching adjustment. You can do any type of stitching from basic stitching to decorative stitching through this awesome sewing machine. While considering to buy any computerised sewing machine it is very important to take a look into its built-in stitches. Because in professional work you can adjust your sewing machine on and on according to the fabric property.

With the help you built-in stitches, you can easily give input into the sewing machine and it will do the stitching as per your need. The more stitching capability a sewing machine would have the more you can explore the stitching work.

Automatic Tension Adjusting System – This Singer 9960 Stylist sewing machine has an automatic tension adjusting system. If your sewing machine has a tension adjusting mechanism in it then it will produce better stitching in your sewing. You do not need to adjust thread tension manually ( which is quite annoying ), your machine will adjust it itself according to the stitching.

It also helps you to save you time because you do not need to see the bottom side of the fabric whether its stitching threads are giving gap normally or not?

Reverse Stitching – This machine also allows you to sew the fabric in the opposite direction. It means, with this machine you can even allow your machine to stitch in reverse direction. In normal sewing machines, we need to move our clothes here and there to stitch in reverse side. But in this sewing machine, you do not need to turn your clothes around and then adjust it again. You can easily do reverse stitching with its touch button.

This function of the machine gives you more convenience and hassle-free stitching. With the help of it touch reverse button you can do reverse stitching without putting any force to any button. One-touch and your reverse stitching will be started.

Other features of the Machine –

  • It has a mirror imaging system in it to do more creative work.
  • Stitch Elongation feature allows making a balance between stitching length and density.
  • Transparent Bobbing cover allows you to see the bobbin and thread easily.
  • Thread cutter function is also available for embroidery work.
  • Thread cutter shut off function allows you to stop thread cutter if you desire.
  • It also has tie off touch button which allows you to stop stitching automatically after the completion of the stitching.
  • One-touch stitch selection makes your sewing more reliable and convenient.
  • It has 25 years of limited warranty.
  • Fully bodyweight of the machine is 20 pounds.
  • It has a super heavy-duty metal frame to protect it from external harm.
  • It includes a speed control mechanism in it.
  • Stay bright Led on both sides of the machine.
  • Extra high-pressure foot lifter available for more utility.
  • It has Watts (55) Volts (120V)  and Hz (60) capability.
  • 25 variable needle position included in it.


We have shed light on all necessary functionalities of this Singer 9960 Quantum stylist sewing machine. We found the this sewing machine has more than expecting features in it. This is the reason, I reviewed this machine among thousands of computerised sewing machine under this segment. Apart from that, Singer is a top-rated name in the sewing industry.

Singer company is exporting its sewing machine in every part of the world. So, we can say that if you buy this sewing machine, you will take home, a well-known brand. The company is also giving 25 years of the limited warrant which is also a very good point to consider.

Therefore, if you like all the features and functionalities of this machine. you should buy this computerised sewing machine without any doubt. I am pretty sure that you will not get a similar feature sewing machine under this price range.


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